Could we see DLSS 3.5 in the game?

I mean in game we have a really bad version of DLSS 2.0/2.5. My reasoning for adding DLSS 3.5 is that most RTX 4000 series GPUs would benefit and 2000 series GPUs and up would benefit from a less blurry image.
Thank you


Me sitting here with a 30 series

hey in DCS I noticed a major improvement between 2.0 and 3.5 and I have a god damn 2060 lol. 70 fps to 145 fps and a much clearer image.

Where RT

I dont use DLSS in DCS but my friend does and the ghosting in DCS is beyond terrible though

Does he use the performance or quality preset? I seem to have combated the ghosting by enabling quality preset and sharpening to around 0.8-0.9 + I enabled DSR 1.78x in my GPU settings (Geforce panel)

Quality preset, idk the sharpening and whether or not he has DSR thing enabled but this is the ghosting with DLSS:

and no ghosting on MSAA

ohhhh that, so basically I can show you my settings and he can try em (fyi MSAA is a massive FPS eater)|

the dsr is in the NVIDIA Control Panel and it basically makes your GPU output 1440p instead of 1080p in my case and then I let DLSS downscale

Imma tell him. And about MSAA, I use it as well on 4x and I have 90FPS on avr. on Syria and Sinai. I tried TAA but that also spat out ghosting so I switched back. I cant use DLAA since I have an AMD graphics card so idk how good that is.

try FSR, it supposedly is a game changer and gives you an FPS boost

Imma try it right now

Okay so I gave my PC the stresstest and flew over Cairo in the F15E low level at sunrise. Without FSR that gives me 65FPS on these settings(Just think away the FSR settings):

with the FSR settings I got 90FPS and its really sharp with no ghosting, might leave it on acutally

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I honestly haven’t touched my settings since 2.9, I’ll have to check it out

Doesn’t it work in VR, too?

Would love for the actual DLSS version to be updated. I’m currently running 1440p with 2.25x DLDSR and global DLAA forced on through DLSS Tweaker (Along with -3.0 LOD and 16x AF). The image clarity is insane except for the occasional ghosting on Trees.

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