Could Spike NLOS be added soon?

Now I know what you guys are thinking, I’m sure we all remember when the UDES 33 was bugged and basically got NLOS TOWs and ruined the game for a few hours, doing spawn to spawn shots. However, nowadays at top tier many vehicles have hardkill active protection system (APS), and there’s the potential for every single nation’s top tier to get at least one MBT with a hardkill APS i.e. Trophy, Arena, Iron Fist, etc

So my question is, if every nation received their hardkill APS vehicle, would it make sense to add Spike NLOS to the game at an appropriate BR, say 12.7, alongside those vehicles?

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I don’t think a weapon like this has a place in War Thunder, it would be truly unbalanced, the last thing you need is someone firing them from out of their spawn.

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Well, true, but people said the same about ATGMs when they were first added. As long as players are given the tools to deal with these missiles (MAWS, Hardkill APS) I think there’s the possibility that these could be added in a way that feels balanced. Perhaps they could be locked from firing during the opening stage of them match.

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Pereh, My Beloved

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Haha, I hope they add it. Fond memories from Wargame Red Dragon


With kh38 being added, i wouldn’t be suprised if they added brimstone or something similar for western nations. That or unnerf the agm65.


Seems unlikely. The recently added Martel missile should be a man-in-the-loop system like Spike NLOS is (albeit not as good), but gaijin didn’t bother simulating that and just made it use the same LOBL system as every other TV-guided munition in the game

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Man its a good thing that gaijin did not add in the KH-38 which could totally just do this.

Oh wait.

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It’s not NLOS.


You said the NLOS would be OP due to the ability to have

which you can do with the KH-38.

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im fine with ground vehicles getting them it as long as it doesn’t get man in the loop, as for helicopters they massively outrages every other atgm, the spike er2 should be a more balanced option.

Except you do not understand that the missile can be ground launched upwards instantly after start of battle from ifv and instantly be guided at enemy spawn


Except that Gaijin has stated that man in the loop will not be a thing in WT, so you would need line of sight of your target to fire.

And if you have line of sight of your target the NLOS is just the same thing as the SPIKE-ER with more range and boom which already exists in game.

As stated above, gaijin has already made it clear that they will not add man in the loop. The Walleye ERs we already have in game should have man in the loop along with the new french TV bombs, but neither will be getting those functions because of said gaijin statement.

If the NLOS was to come now it’s primary boon would be it’s improved range, but gameplay wise, it would be largely identical to the SPIKE-ER we already have.

Lets not forget as well that a majority of western ATGMs also have terrible lofting and strike angle performance as of late as well, I would wager the NLOS would be in the same boat.

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I know but im responding to the op, as he claims that now it would be fine because there is aps at top tier and nations can potencially get more, unlike when the udes got the man in the loop bug.

you can also archive an improved range with the ER2 and it would still be close to the already existent missiles in game on similar platforms, bear in mind that the range difference is huge, we are talking about 4-5 times more than the current missiles.

Missiles like the Spike LR2 and even the LR1 already provide more than enough range to do spawn to spawn sniping.
But that’s not really an issue. Gaijin can easily implement a zone around spawn in which projectiles cannot enter or leave, and anyone who enters gets 15 seconds to leave.

If you’re referring to helicopters, then I’m sure they can be added. But gameplay-wise I don’t think they’ll be worth it. Do you really want to wait a couple minutes per kill?

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Depends really, the AGM-65B in theory can reach out to 15 miles without issue, the limiting factor is the ability of the seeker to actually acquire a target, which it cannot at that distance, forcing the 65B to be deployed at a far shorter distance in most situations. Without man in the loop the seeker of the NLOS becomes a hard cap on how far it can be deployed even if the missile itself can physically fly farther.

In this regard, given we don’t really know how far the NLOS can reach out without MITL, or better described, how far it can reach out in direct fire, I could still see it being largely similar to the ER or even moreso the ER2 in the case of how it would function in game.

AI C-RAM around the spawn. I do know that spawn protection is a rather tumultuous issue due to how it is in the past.

Frankly if gaijin really want CAS to be less impactful on GRB I would rather them add AI targets around the battle itself much akin to how the og ground tests were where there was AT guns and AI tanks fighting around the main map. Having stuff like that present would provide a great distraction.


but in game since it is an ir seeker it would have at least a 20km track range which is still twice as far as all other missiles as missile used in helicopters, again the ER2 is far more reasonable as it is limited to 16km, which is still more than what all missiles we have and more than missiles like the brimstone 1, the hellfire L or the Lmur

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I would have to see a source on the subject as I do not know the actual seeker acquisition range of the NLOS without MITL, to that same end gaijin has and does modify seeker capabilities for balance reasons, could also be done here.

Of course, I agree with this notion, although, as far as I am aware, bar EUROSPIKE helos, the ER2 wont really increase the number of nations with such missiles. Meanwhile the NLOS is finding it’s way to quite a number of users including EUROSPIKE operators, it’s inclusion would mean far more nations would finally get a much needed helibased F&F missile.

I would prefer that ERs or ER2s would instead make their way to fill these gaps as all SPIKEs can be used interchangeably without modifications, but as of late I just dont see gaijin doing such which is disappointing.

In the case of the brimstone since it was mentioned though, that thing is going to get crazy real fast as the later models get added, ya’ll think hellfire Ls would be OP, nah, the upgraded brinstones take the cake by a mile.

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Im saying it because the Lock-on range from all-aspect for all ir missile in game is 20km.

thats why i specified the first

You mean AGM-65Ds? Or are you talking about IR AAMs? The former has a 20km statcard lock range, but the actual range varies much akin to the 65Bs.

Statcard values are seldom perfectly accurate in practice.

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