Could Easy Anti-Cheat force to disable ANY application GPU Overlay?

Is possible to implement this requirement with easy anti-cheat?
At least in simulator battles.

Why, a usual sim player, could desperately need overlay applications?

  • Nvidia Experience?
  • Discord?

You could deal you needs without really need GPU overlay with these legal applications…
Could be useful to get rid of annoying cheaters.

Give your opinions…

Gaijin has far more problems than just some overlay

(Also banning all overlays is a fantastic way to get a lot of innocent people banned, you can’t just suppress them from loading you’d have to detect them and then take action from there)

But i’d say even just the graphical bugs are pretty severe on their own. I use DLSS for better FPS and half the time I’ll spot a plane at like 20km away because it bugs out and displays a big fuzzy square over where the plane should be. Nvidia Ansel doesn’t provide anything that you can’t already do by messing with the game settings file, especially the post-processing effects.

So its just going to end up hurting far more players than cheaters it stops not to mention the problems of getting it implemented and the people whining about how X software doesn’t work.

Although it totally could be done, I do have to agree, there are a few issues.

  1. lots of innocents would be banned
  2. it would make recording a pain in the ass, for the few of us that actually make content and try and get more players involved in sim, it would make recording videos nearly impossible
  3. there are a lot of useful overlays that are not cheats, for example WTRTI, i use this constantly to see the amount of G’s that im pulling while flying jets, or giving me fuel reminders while flying props since there are no audio queues.

Although I do believe sim has somewhat of an issue with cheaters. Honestly, the few cheaters ive run into can still be easily defeated, theyre typically shit pilots who cant fly their aircraft and feel the need to use cheats to get the upper hand. However theyre normally easily defeated because theyre not good pilots.

I feel like banning all overlays would be like hitting a small nail with a sledgehammer and would be too much of an aggressive way to deal with the current issue.

You can’t cheat with NE nor Discord overlay…

Maybe I don’t understand the banning mechanic details; but I not referring to a banning an account but only a requirement to join Simulation Battles, or simply that EAC just block any kind of graphic overlay.

With the first option the player just needs to disable the overlay in all his application to join SB battle… just that. No talking about “auto banning an account for that”.

I don’t know about technical details how the cheating program works… if its useful data is captured by network sniffing or some kind of 3D graphical objects sniffing.
I other words if functions like “auto aiming” could still working just disabling the graphical overlay.
Anyway, I’m sure that if you take the cheating program graphical overlay is like take the air to the cheater.

Correct me if this is not technical possible.

I’m only a common high level programmer… but I tried to inform me before make this kind of proposal.

I some dark forum, I read that EAC could check overlay programs, but in this eternal cat-mouse fight, a way to obfuscate a cheating program overlay is hijack the “legal programs overlays”.

I usually capture videos using NE… only use a keymap to start and stop (i can live without de start recording message and the small icon in the corner).
The Highligth is totally automatic.

I disable the Discord overlay (simply show how is talking) mainly because FPS drops with my old card, but I’m used to this config now.

In 2 days could check at least 2 cheaters taking my time to check in the replays and report them. Mainly in high tier GF SB.

The negative impact in AIR SB is obviously less; but only one cheater in GF SB is catastrophic.

If you ask me about a trade-off to not use any kind of overlays and take the cheater breathing air, I choose not to use any king of overlays at all.

What about to use a tablet or cellphone…
WTAssistant was designed to this kind of pilot help in mind.

mmm… you show in screen yours Gs in '50-60 jets to avoid break your wings in a tight turn?..
ok… in a F16 hud ok… is real… but other planes. Soft cheating maybe???

Sorry… I was waiting for years to the recent adding of make the progression (tasks and challenges) in SB, to play all my battles in SB.
Finally I found there is a lot of cheating in this mode, and I’m disappointed.

Just try to play without any kind extra information (not official) compared with other player.

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Yes it is common to use legal overlay software to hide bad stuff its literally the most common way to do so… Wows had people somehow hiding a shell flight predictor in a mod given out thru its own in game modstation lol its why im a big proponent of no mods for unless they just change the visuals of your own vehicle to your own game they are a crutch ffs no other word for them even then peeps used to make what they playing see thru so your vision dont get blocked with those oh im not cheating just using a shader mod lol

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