Could a Assault/Defense Game mode Fix/train usa player's on how to use there tanks?

Basically what the title say’s.

Here’s my thought process.
The USA vs ussr is kinda what’s like how the p51 vs zero’s/bf109’s thing is right?

P51 need’s alt and speed and it will more likely than not beat a zero or bf109 with their advantage, but this requires you to know how the p51 works and to know your enemy. The zero or bf109 just need to get you to turn fight which almost every player knows how to do, to win.

For m1 Abram’s and up, you get specific advantages that will make you win most of the time such as the speed, turret cheek’s, and gun depression. Basically the best sniper out there at the cost of getting the biggest weak point as a hull.
For russian’s with era, they get the best tank suited for close end combat that will usually win knife fights and flat terrain longshot’s. This is at the cost of a mediocre reverse gear and their gun depression.

Map’s favoring urban combat will support Russian tanks while long range rolling hill maps will favor the Usa players.

So, if the snail were to implement an attack/defend mode, This could give both team’s a chance to learn how to play their tank’s better. (Depending on how well the snail makes the map)

USA on defense would allow Abram’s player’s to learn patience and to avoid over exposing there tank while Ussr on offense would allow them to either find counter sniper spot’s or close the distance with their armor and ERA to destroy usa tank’s.

(This could possibly be outside of needing br rework as in. This game mode wouldn’t determine br setup except for outlier’s that could break the game mode. {Separating br’s for said vehicles like the air rb/ground rb setup})


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A “Rush” style game mode a la Battlefield would be interesting to see play out but goes against Gaijin’s current game vision.

They want to balance around the lowest common denominator and provide the paths of least resistance as the only possible battle routes so as to encourage knife fights.

CQC is easier for newer players irrelevant of their vehicle’s performance. Equally large massed fights rather than dueling behind cover.

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I am FOR new game modes…assymetrical modes should be fun…and i would play them .

I recall the convoy mode in naval some time back…was interesting and a fun variation over the usual modes. Not completely sure why it was removed, but i assume it was balancing issues. Players would seesaw complaining that attack/defense was favored…after each adjustment…

I am guessing that the present modes are easier to balance, but i would like to see at least an attempt…even if temporary…

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It isnt even the best sniper? The leo2A7 does it better . The real issue is the incorrect modeling of the turret ring having 50mm worth of protection in some areas, and the 3rd largest OHK frontal profile. Right behind the Areite, Leclerc/type10 (I’d argue they are about the same). I main USA and have a much easier time with UK Japan or even Isreal at top tier. The abrams is missing alot of key features that are common knowledge, but since they are blocked behind secret/top secret files we will never see said changes.(the M1A1 shouldn’t have the exact same armor profile as the M1A2 SEPv2)

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Maybe give the thing it’s real goddamn armor? since it still has an outdated armor that goes back to the 80’s while its facing modern tanks.

an invasion gamemode like we see in Enlisted would be fun