Cost of vehicle modifications

mods add repair cost gaijin why there is no reason for this atleast lower it like why should i pay 10k sl every match for my tank/plane to be normal YES MAYbe on the short time its not that mutch but after a while that adds up into millions quike

Your getting a discounted cost when it’s not modded for compensation for having it harder to play.

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Rationalization is not a feature.

why dont they just make mods cheaper everone will be happier

Or they may decide to be away with it completely and charge you full price from the start with a stock vehicle

A “stock vehicle” is one that is “100% fully mission capable” fresh from the factory.
The backassward way Gaijin does vehicle “modifications” is perhaps the most unrealistic and annoying things in the game.

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It’s not unrealistic at all. You think every crewman got a brand new tank every time?

IRL before you sign for a piece of equipment, you inspect it to make sure it is complete and functional. Otherwise YOU are going to be the one cleaning and fixing it.
Even when you “fall in on” to relieve a unit in place, like we did in Iraq, you don’t just take junk.
When you “buy” (are issued, no one buys their own tanks and ammo IRL) a new tank, you would not accept something ready for the junk yard. People would loose their jobs and careers for that.
This is just an artifact of Gaijin lazily importing the progression model from earlier sci-fantasy games and superimposing it on a supposedly realistic historical military game.

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Pretty much, yes. Not literally new, but the army would refurbish it before issuing it again.

It’s not realistic, it’s pure monetization, and it’s not just monetization (which is fine when it gates new content), it’s PAY TO WIN monetization, which is not fine. Go ahead and raise up the SL and RP cost of new vehicles in exchange, to compensate, but there should not be mods where people with fat wallets have an actual advantage.

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Rubbish. In the current time yes but remembering this game comes from a background of ww2 if a crew died or bailed and the tank was operational it got minimal attention because it was needed. I can’t think of a single tank in the game or plane or ship that isnt operational when you unlock it either. This has roots in historical reality, it makes sense from a game play perspective and the system is utilised to improve the mm and improve grind grind times.

Crews don’t die randomly when the tank is perfectly fine. You die if you got shot and there is a hole in your tank and broken things. So yes, it’d get refurbished.

If you bail out most of the time it’s because something BROKE (just on its own or due to getting shot), so it will get necessarily refurbished.

They might bail due to lack of fuel, specifically, without damage having been incurred, but if so, then the tank is still in good shape, so… what are the mods supposed to be representing?

In basically no situation (other than fuel) would a tank simultaneously be considered too broken to even continue driving it, but also be fine to re-issue to the next crew which just… magically doesn’t have the same problems that the first one bailed out for… somehow?

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That is false. KOed but rebuildable tanks went back to depot level maintenance and were rebuilt to operational standard, even if they sprayed white paint over the dried blood. These were then put back into the supply system to be drawn as needed.
In WT just like IRL tanks and planes are often catastrophically destroyed and the crew kil… err “permanently unconscious”. You, the unit, or (now replacement) crew don’t fix that up. You put in a request from higher for replacement vehicles and crews and those show up fresh and ready. Nothing about how WT handles repairs and new vehicles matches reality in any era.

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Show me one vehicle not combat effective in the game without mods?

None of the tanks as they come stock would be considered combat effective. Like, not having equipment like tools and full fire extinguishers (you remember how long that took?) the wrong/weak ammo, that do no meet minimum mechanical specs, tanks that don’t come with nights sights, etc. etc. etc.
The game sets players up for failure by requiring them to face fully spaded (which is really just what would be considered the expected condition for a combat effective vehicle) in order to feed kills to them. Sort of like a jello pyramid scheme.

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Sometimes it’s a good idea to turn off a mod and lower the repair cost. Low-tier NVGs for example. You’re never going to use them. Can save you a couple hundred SL every game, adds up.

Simple: If your SL hurts, then you’re playing too much at too high a BR for your skill level. Go down a bit and you’ll be both richer and have more fun.

it doesent but theres no reason to take 20 or 10% of my sl a match when fully spaded

FIX the useless servers first

It goes without saying that the BR of a tank is different at stock than it is spaded. Ammo, traction, speed, FPE, Thermals, laser range finders, smoke grenades all increase the effectiveness of a vehicle consierably, however the BR of the tank is assessed while spaded…

In some cases, “higher” BR stock tank can be less effective than a lowe BR spaded tank,