Convertible Research Points For Researching Certain Gift Vehicles

In its current state, convertible research points (CRPs) are not that useful. Most players accumulate many millions of CRPs and never spend them. Some players within the WT community have suggested that the system be revised in order to make CRPs more enticing to spend GE on. Some suggestions include:

Making removed vehicles such as the Panther II, Tiger II 10.5, and Flakpanzer 341 researchable with CRPs.

Making older gift vehicles (5+ years old, and which aren’t available in the warbonds shop, market, or in packs, ex. Ersatz Panther M10) researchable.

Either or both of these solutions is a win-win for Gaijin and the community. Players are more incentivized to spend GE on CRPs because there is no other way to obtain them. These solutions also increase the variety of vehicles which players can see and play in games.


This is absolutely genius. I would be ecstatic if they did this and I could finally get the panther II


While it sounds enticing for those who are capable, i would like to add on the alternate usage of Convertible Research Points aside from using it to BOOST research of player’s tech tree choice that cost 1 GE per 45 CRP,

On first hand, this CRP usage would be a bit more enticing IF Gaijin could raise its ratio from 45 CRP to 80 CRP per 1 GE on regular basis OR make a special day of the year to make special discount to use CRP on higher value than 45 to around at least 80

Also to add, it would be nice to have access to discontinued vehicle as some of them are only accessible on past year BP season WHICH is quite enticing…

IF only this kind of thing be allowed to get even 4 days/1 week PER YEAR where player can have a chance to use excess CRP to get certain vehicle SIMILAR to one-time access to Maus tank BUT using discontinued and earlier BP vehicle via CRP

Alternately, i was hoping to use excess CRP for some SL OR WB point when i truly needed it one day…
Example: 200 CRP per 10 SL OR every 250 CRP per 10 WB point as starters… Those who know it better, please feel free to openly share it on moderate level
((Everyone wants more for less BUT that’s not gonna happen SO my example are only on reference of trading older box into WB point))


I like that idea too. The problem is that it might disincentivize players from buying the Battle Pass.

Good idea

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This kind of suggestion wont affect currently active & newly-started BP season as it only allows limited choice based on what player prefer specific vehicle on a 4day/1week per yearly limited chance PLUS there can only be a few vehicle that can be bought even IF player have 1/2 million GE for CRP point on limited vehicle…

TO make it fair, i would suggest it can only be limited to certain numbers of vehicle to be gained out PER Year, almost similar to WB trophy box that only gives rank 1-2 premium vehicle. Hopefully there would be ships in those DISCONTINUED event days

I hav3e > 100 Mill. RP’ on my account … and still counting up … but with NO value at all. If I could give them to charity (for those who are expanding the British tech tree etc.) … I would !