Control bindings reset to default?

Anyone else had this happen some time in last 12 hrs??

Bloody annoying…

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Are you on console or PC? If PC, are you using keyboard and mouse?

PC using keyboard and mouse - was playing hte game 12 hrs ago with my normal keybinds, came back overnight and they’ve been reset.

That is unusual, I have personally had issues with peripherals on PC and my Xbox would reset them near constantly. I wish I could give some more insight, but I haven’t seen or heard much about them resetting on PC with keyboard and mouse.

Make sure to always save your key-binds (export them into a file).

It’s a common occurring issue when game updates and adds new features.
It’s annoying but is quite an easy fix.

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Yeah I do - but the odd thing is there were no updates while I was out of the game… so I didn’t think of restoring right away!! :/