Continuous crashes after a few minutes into a battle

Yesterday it was OK, I’ve played without any problem.

A driver updated seems to have fixed it for me too.

Same for me updated drivers, reinstalled windows formated discs and still same only log in to spin off a days after update 😤



Still happening…

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As of Friday I’m no longer having crashes either in naval or tank RB (haven’t played Air RB). I made no changes to my computer. Will have to assume Gaijin did something on their end.

Same here, my game crash after every battle. Always the same message Freeze detecter error “8111000A”

Always delete the cache folder before doing a full clean install… It saves a lot of time.

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If you didn’t read through the thread, do the normal process (Verify files, Check driver updates) and then clear out the cache folder if it keeps being a thing.

Still happening.
The game freezes the moment it starts, already in the garage.
Deleted cache folder, didn’t help.

I’m also having this exact same issue.

My game runs fine until loading into battles, after a few minutes it begins to freeze and eventually crashes with either the “Freeze detected” error or just a crash to desktop with the option to send a report & restart.

The only indication I’ve had of anything wrong was a video driver hung error a day or two before this started, which was apparently due to a lack of VRAM - even though I’m running a GPU with 11GB VRAM.