Continuous crashes after a few minutes into a battle

So my game started crashing every game since i fired it up today.
It always completly freezes my desktop and the only time it didnt, (all the other times it happend always in the first battle after restart) was when it crashed right at launch. It has the error code 8111000A

I reinstalled the game already, checked the files via steam and so on.

Had a windows update for whatever it was today so i dont know if it was that because yesterday everything was just fine (except the MM at 6.7 ofc cough)

So yea, maybe someone has an idea of whats going on.

Thanks =)


Oh yea, i forgot…

My system runs Win11 (clean install)

latest graphics driver (had it already before the crashes came along)

i7 10700k
(Temps are all fine)

Thank you. I’m getting a crash in every naval game (haven’t tried air or ground today yet).

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Couldn’t make a proper screenshot since I had to hold alt after alt tab to be able to see this error window.


I am having a similar issue here since the update i crash every game

I too am having the same issue with that same error message. :(

I was able to play one match and it crashed right at the end, but otherwise every match crashes the game about 5 minutes in. I have tried validating the files (through the launcher, I don’t use Steam).

OS - Win10
CPU - AMD 5800X
RAM - 32GB 3200MHz
GPU - RTX 3070Ti

Yea, cant finish A SINGLE match without the game crashing and freezing my desktop. PLEASE let me play i want to be done spading these 6.7 tanks as fast as possible so i dont have to touch them ever again because of this horrendous MM… bruh

Same problems, but i not “Fatal Error”, just message “Exception”


Soooo… going into my game folder and ---->DELETING<---- the CACHE seemed to fix the problem. i play on steam my settings controlls are safed there i think. i dont know about the WT client. so make sure to maybe safe your controls or something

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Hi guys.

Please be sure to report any crashes here: Community Bug Reporting System

Most importantly, we need your problem report files to investigate: Knowledge Base - War Thunder Wiki

I have the same problem, the game always crash at the firts match. The error is “Problem initializing the mouse” , also when the error occurs it does not let you close the game

Same problem bro, at this moment game in unplayable

Got the same issue Since the update today

Same problem since the “La Royale” update. I could’nt make more than 1 game before the game crashed. I hope Gajin will recredit my premium day and all boosters i used or lost !!!

Same here, can’t finish a match without crashing ever since the La Royale update came out. Gaijin please fix, it has been three days! Roll back the update if you need to. And please compensate premium time to players, the game is completely unplayable at the moment.

Dude fr after La Royale update my game just randomly started crashing and one time before I knew that it wasn’t a one time thing I used a 500% RP booster and just lost it because of that



Hello Everyone,
I have just updated my graphics driver and it seems that it solved the problem for me. I’ve been able to play 3-4 games in row without issues. I was crashing every game before the update.

Hope it helps some of you

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