Constantly being Up Tier BR rating

So im constantly getting up tiered, when your up against tanks that can out range you, out shoot you and generally run rings round you, its getting really annoying and well makes you want to turn the game off . This must be the Normal, i want to enjoy playing.

use sinlge BR lineups


Change your BR.

Some BR’s have more or fewer people playing, and so are more susceptible to being up-tiered… go play a different BR for a while.

Having multiple BRs in your lineup is irrelevant - your lineup only has a single BR.

That doesn’t always work. And honestly, we should have an option to be up tiered or have longer wait times. I’d gladly wait 10 minutes if it means no up tier. Instead, regardless of tier (unless top tier) and country, I see it myself about 19 of 20 games. Gets really old. When I play 6.0, I want to play 6.0 not 7.0. When I play 9.0 I want 9.0, not 10. If I wanted 10.0? I would have used that lineup, but it would have just been an 11.0 match anyway. Regardless of it being ground or air, SSDD.


No, not always but it is still hte most reliable ay of changing your situation.

Everyone would take the option and you would get no games at all.

Every time you are up tiered, someone ls down tiered, os it is actually balanced, and probably will be over your game lifetime, if not this week.

I think if everyone would take the option nothing would change… or at least not much

there are enough players… you don’t need +/- 1 BR at all im pretty sure…

Its just to add extra frustration so people buy stuff with real money thinking “I just pay to get to the better vehicle so I don’t have to suffer anymore”

Otherwise they would put more thought into it…

Everyone would take the option and you would get no games at all.

I doubt that would happen at all. When there were 20k players playing back in the day? Yeah, it would probably take an incredibly long time to get a match. Now, when there are 200k players online? I doubt there really would be that much of an increase in queue times.

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Well…i am pretty sure you are wrong. Some BRs would have very long queue times.
The worst part imho is that the game would become more boring…
But…would like to see a 0.7 soread tested

I’d rather have to wait an extra 30-45 seconds to not have to experience the pain of ARB 8.3 always going to 9.3, only for 9.3 to almost always go to 10.3, and for 10.3 always going to 11.3.


It is simple math…it can’t “always” go +1BR if there are other players in the game that are top BR (or middle ones).
Only 3-6 players in each team are usually fully uptiered…that leaves at least some 10 to 13 players on each team that are NOT.

I can understand it is hard to play vs stronger tanks, and some can be annoyed by it…but using hyperbole won’t help fix anything as your comment is more probable to be discarded as an exaggeration…

I was talking about Air, and I’m not being hyperbolic either. I’ve played at least 100 matches in the 8.3 B57-A/B and have gotten a non-full uptier maybe 5-6 times, which for all intents and purposes is always.

I dont play RB air…so not sure if the matchmaking there has any specific quirks…it is possible that 8.3 US is pulled up more than usual due to nation and BR specifics…but 90% full uptiers is hard to believe…no offense, but it is more probable that you are using hyperbole (particularly as you imply it happens to you at many BRs)…but cant be sure of course.
Anyway, i do believe some specific BRs and modes are more prone to uptiers…you can play or change BR. BTW, that does not mean the odds cant be beat…i dont really know the B57, but if you insist so hard on playing it i am guessing you are getting results even uptiered…
My personal experience (in tanks) is that i get uptiers and downtiers and some vehicles handle those better than others…i use different vehicles and playstyle depending on match BR.

Having been up tiered myself, and having submitting an issue,
The reply is, that it is not a bug.
Investigating the ’ wiki ’ I find

Matching based on the highest BR

The matchmaker takes the vehicle with the highest BR from the whole player’s setup or the BR of the single vehicle selected for battle and matches it to a game session based on such a vehicle.

Such a method of selection is optimal for ground vehicles and naval vessels where the differences in the technical characteristics and the battle capabilities play a bigger role than in only aircraft battles.

Msg-ok.png40x40 For the convenience of participation in different game modes we have a mechanism of “vehicle presets” which allows us to save several variants for vehicle arrangement in the crew slots.

Matching based on the BR range

In this matchmaking mode the rule of BR spread +/- 1.0 isn’t operating. The player will join the game session with fixed BR ranges, from minimum to maximum BR , which can be wider than +/- 1.0.

Determining which range the player enters is based on the rule of “Matching based on the highest BR”. This means with the vehicle with the highest BR from the crew slots.

So what does Gaijin really mean to say ? Perhaps language translation is the problem ?
NOTE; it does state different BR calculations for AIR battles.

Care to share, which BR do you get uptiered at frequently?

The BEST vehicle on your lineup defines your BR. The match you get can go from that BR up to BR+1.
As an example, if your best tank is 3.0, match can be 3.0, 3.3, 3.7 or 4.0. In 3.0 you will have the best tank on the battle. In 4.0 there will be up to 4 enemies that are 4.0 (but also up to 4 guys in your team with 4.0 tanks).

Planes are a bit different…

personally, I find the most egregious up tiers to be 6.7/7.0->7.7/8.0, 8.3->9.3

But, that was just when I was grinding Germany. However, same thing happened on US with 6.7/7.0 going straight to 8.0

I’m leaving out the obvious 10.3->11.3 fiesta because honestly, everyone just one-shots each other with well placed shots anyway.

Well regarding 6.7, everyone wants to play King Tigers and other late war beasts, so other BRs in range tend to get pulled towards it in match making

I believe it. I am noting down the games. Ground RB, BR 5.3 and 26 battles. +0.0 2x, +0.3 1x, +0.7 3x and +1.0 full uptier (6.3 battle) whopping 78% times (20/26).
If you add on top of this with USA there are tanks like Sherman, Sherman, M6A1 and M24 etc. it was a real pain playing against Panthers, IS-1 and T-34-85.

Personally gettin uptiered very frequently, type of the machine doesnt matter as also BR at all. With 3,3 tank playing against 4,3, with 11,3 plane dying by 12,3 or with 4,3-4,7 ships i do have fighting against 5,3-5,7. And if i am top dog, it happen maybe once, twice per ten battles or less. And everyone knows how hard this can be, when you end in the bottom of the BRs in the battles. Crying about it for 11 years (with long breaks ofc) and sadly nothing improve in this.

Anyway imho main reason why this working like that is plenty of battle types and modes. Players on planes, ships and tanks are separated and even if is online 250k players, it ends with roughly 83,3k per type of vehicle. And dont forget AB, RB and SB so players are divided even more and MM have tough time to spread all of us to battle as quickly as possible.
And this is neverending pain on games of this type all around. Not enough players in games for better and smaller br spread.

And last, Gaijin have to make money, so game is build around money making too. If they sell premiums or golds to players, players have a bit easier life with it. Summarization of this is, atm BR spread and our hard times cant be instantly improved because of reason up there.

The most important thing for “easier” br is more players on given BR and battle type… And i thought this never will be much better.

Dont forgot to main reason why we playing it. We can play, fly and ride plenty of vehicles, planes and ships and we should be happy for this. Dont know any other game with that much possibilities to have fun. :D

If it was entirely random then (IIRC) you would only be top tier for 1/4 of your games (only 4 top BR players in a 16 person team) - so yes, being not-top-tier in 3/4 of games would be the norm.

But of course there are BR “hot spots” that bias the selection in various ways that we know exist but probably can’t accurately measure.