Consol Sales

Is there any news on when Consols are getting their summer sales. The news on the sales said its only available for PC. I know the old forum used to have it posted on the respective consoles tab in the forum but I’m not seeing a dedicated spot in the new forum for either Playstation or XBOX.

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I’d say give it a few hours or a day or two, there’s always some sort of Xbox centric or Console sale a few days or hours after, just be patient & enjoy the upcoming July 4th goodies that most likely will be coming. :-D

I have never seen an Xbox sale related to a PC sale before (packs, not GE vehicles) and have been playing pretty much since the start. They are so sporadic (have a look yourself on that it’s safe to say there is no correlation. There have been announcements sometimes at the end of the PC sales post but those don’t get followed up or even redacted because they hit a snag, likely because of Microsoft.

Would love the availability of removed packs for GE or simply give us GE sales of existing vehicles. At least something. Microsoft doesn’t seems to restrict in game GE sales so why not?
I understand Microsoft is the culprit here but it pains me to keep seeing sales (big and small) that have no reach whatsoever to Xbox players. Please @gromvoiny, can you give us something to soften the blow?