Consistent Uptiers

Since purchasing and talismaning the 9.7 strf for sweden I have played 14 games. All 14 of these were either at 10.3 or 10.7. Whilst I understand it is not possible to never be uptiered I do think it is ridiculous to never be playing at my own tier or being downtiered.
I would be interested to see how many others this happens to and maybe get more transparency from the devs. Every time I’ve complained or asked why it so happens that playing at 9.7 results in lots of uptiers, yet the same happened at 8.7 so theres clearly people I could be downtiered to play with. Maybe if there was an option to wait a little longer for games to not be uptiered constantly the way I have been?

I’m afraid you’ll have to get used to it, especially in these BR-range. The game only has a limited number of players who get a full downtier. This leaves a larger number of players who get into these matches and then get an uptier.

My advice if you want it:

Get used to it and adapt the way you play. What I also often see is that when many players get a full downtier, they still don’t get anything done and then leave the match in frustration after one tank.
I no longer think in terms of whether it’s a disadvantage or an advantage. I just look at how much SP each tank costs (this gives you the actual max BR for the match you will see), check the map and then make a good choice for the battle. What has proved very useful for me is CAP. Many people quickly get involved in a turnfight and the BR is less important there.

Sorry mate, but you’re a victim of Gaijins latest Premium spam.
Gaijin have sold an obscene amount of 10.0 and 10.3 premiums, and the result is that 9.3 and 9.7 are practically unplayable now.

If it’s any consolation, a number of the new Premium owners are not very good, and many of them only have the one tank.