Consistent aa nerfs

Why have aa been getting consistent nerfs the last few years gaijin? Aa missle nerfs for all except the pantsir, including making all top tier aa terrible. All the while giving planes more and more advanced weapons to hit from far outside aas ability to do anything. Dont say its “historical” because most planes either pull harder then they ever could or have weapons they never did

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Cause CAS players complain.


Generally players stat silent until its a problem

CAS players are typically so incredibly bad that these nerfs will still mean you can kill them quite easily, but the moment an A10 or F-16 decides he isnt going to throw his plane away by diving towards the battlefield and instead stays sitting 10km away throwing mavericks then yeah its impossible for SPAA to do anything.

But its not entirely a CAS issue its also that the average SPAA player is tunnel visioned 24/7 and lacks self-awareness, i shouldn’t be able to fly just above the battlefield with ease in an Su-25T but i can on most games.

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OTOH, aircraft sound directionality doesn’t most of the time, and 3rd person panning/scanning is a PITA because your own vehicle and the ground get in the way, etc…


I bring the Lvkv 9040C for lowflying threats and the missiles for the harder targets, then wip out the VEAK 40 if the enemy is all in aircraft because what can ya do against two guns XD