Conquest mode and 0DL and 1DL

I’ve always looked down on and despised those who make zero- and one-death-leave, but WT has introduced conquests on these narrow versions of the game maps, and they are simply so disgustingly moronic that I now make a 0DL myself every time they come up. It has made me think about conquest in general, because honestly, it’s probably only a minority of people who actually enjoy conquest mode. It’s just not fun. So I’m starting to wonder why I play a mode I don’t actually enjoy. I honestly think that in the future I will make a 0DL or maybe just a 1DL. Then I can also take a 10 min break to clear my head while waiting for the servers map rotation to reset.

What do you think? Do you like conquest?


Worst game-mode remove it.


There’s not much left for me to do before I start thinking about whether I should do it.
Cargo Port is one of the worst maps in Conquest mode.
Once the enemy has secured all the corners around the cap, the only way to turn it around is to make a lot of sacrifices. But teamplay is usually in short supply, so people prefer to wait for the end instead of growing some balls.


I enjoyed the old conquest, just rid it of the “skill issue” and “someone I couldn’t see sniped me from across the map” (this happens to me occasionally). Current state, just remove them, fixed, leave it in.


Seems to be how Gaijin wants you to play, just degrade gameplay and promote the sales of premium as the only viable way to play.
The shorter the games, the slower your progression and the holy queue times will be stacked.

Unless if you play Sim because all the nations are on one side and you can’t get a match, also they neglected it for the last 10 years.

Same here. These conquests maps are the only reason I leave a game. I return to the hanger before the battle even starts when I get these maps. I’ll go play another nation while the crew lock ticks down.

For me the larger open maps are more enjoyable and are what I think of when it comes to playing ground vehicles. Players should have the option to choose to play large maps only.


Iberian Castle conquest it’s probably even worse than Cargo Port, there are hardly any flanks and everyone’s forced to play head on near the ruins. Not to mention CAS can just carpet bomb everything in that narrow area without cover.