Conquest Gamemode is Bad

This is the worst game mode and am I sick of playing it. If I get it now I just go back to the lobby straight way. The ticket bleed is so fast the game is basically decided in the first 5 minutes, and it is impossible to take the cap after because you will just get bombed. You cannot kill the CAS with SPAA or fighters because by the time you have done so and killed enemy CAS the game will be over.

This game mode needs to be overhauled so it’s actually fun and the tickets need to last at least twice as long, and CAS SP cost needs to be doubled because of how especially OP they are on single-cap games.

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Yes, Conquest sucks. Especially the “new” version with the ultra-narrow maps. It’s nothing short of an abomination.


I urge every single player here that agrees to actually like and optionallt say why they agree so we can bring attention to this. This game should not become a tower defence game with tanks. Or CS-GO for that matter.