Congratulations to Rank I to III players

Y’all got the best RP and SL reductions out of the entire US air tree. You may want to take your time getting to Rank IV and beyond, or just ignore those ranks altogether. Happy flying!

You know you can play that too and its even more fun than top tier?

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Its actually not that fun anymore but you are missing the point. We were promised significant reductions in RP and SL to lessen the grind across all tiers. We did not get anything close to that above Rank III. I’ve already got all of rank I to IV finished for most nations so these changes mean nothing and my grind has increased. For example, The F-105 is getting a 40% increase in RP and SL cost (i.e. grind) for no apparent reason. We always knew the grind got significantly harder above Rank III in order to frustrate players into buying into the game and this makes it mathematically obvious.

Warthunder is more of a 2nd job than it ever was and Gaijin should be ashamed of making empty promises.