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The Eland was used extensively by the South African army and was successful in a range of roles. However the Eland had limited mobility, poor ballistic protection and no mine protection for its crew. During the mid-1970’s the South African army initiated a project to develop a heavy armoured car, which would be better suited for the Southern Africa conditions, be able to provide better mine/ballistic protection for its crew and increased the fire power. The project would be known as the New Generation Armoured Car (NGAC) project. The project experimented with both 6x6 and 8x8 wheeled configurations for the armoured car, with 8x8 configurations eventually being selected. After the 8x8 configuration was selected three prototypes where created, being the Concept 1, Concept 2 and Concept 3, which is already available in War Thunder. Trials for these vehicles were held in 1979, but none of the prototypes met the requirements. Lessons learned from the NGAC project would be used in a new armoured car project during the 1980’s which itself lead to the development of the Rooikat. All three Concepts are currently on display at the South African Armour Museum in Bloemfontein.


Main armament: 77mm Mk2

Shell types: AP, HE, APC, APCBC

Secondary armament: One 7.62mm MG4 machine gun

Turret armour: (front: 25.4mm), (sides: 12.7mm), (rear: 12.7mm), (roof: 12.7mm)

Crew: Five (commander, gunner, loader, driver, radio operator)

Combat weight: 15 tons

Transmission: 8x8

Top speed: 75km/h





Primary Sources
Surviving The Ride, written by Steve Camp & Helmoed Romer Heitman (Page 181-183)

South African Armoured Vehicles “A history of innovation and excellence” written by Dr Dewald Venter (Page 72-73)

Secondary Source

Tank Ensyclopedia: Rooikat - Tank Encyclopedia


So what’s the difference between Concept 1, 2, and 3?

They were built on different hulls and chassis

Concept 1 is derived from a Ratel
Concept 2 is derived from a Eland
Concept 3 is derived from a Saracen

Sure, but what’s the specifications differences? How do they differ to the Concept 3 in-game?

What are the differences between the concepts? I see the Concept 1 is 4.5 tonnes heavier than the Concept 3 but is 19km/h faster