Completly useless top tier SPAA

I just unlocked the Ito… 4 game, 4 times destroyed by a missile fired more than 15 km away with IR guidance … seriously ?!! That’s completly stupid !
When will you at least limit planes to 11.7 in ground battles !??

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so you were killed by a missile fired from a plane from more than 15km away?


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Where does one get such missiles?


a-10 Late. Not sure about the range. But there it is :D

IIR then, not IR… ;-)

15km I find a bit optimistic: I myself rarely use Mavericks successfully at distances over 8km, 5-6km more likely, and this against static AI tanks in Sim EC, where I exactly know where to look for them… And the 3x TV AGM-65B. The IIR 65D even from closer as target identification is much more difficult due to the low resolution IIR seeker.


Passing near dead tank corpses confusing the IIR missiles and force them to lock the dead one instead of you due to the heat signature of dead one. And when it comes to TV guided ones, if you see an aircraft firing a missile from too far away, simply just move a couple of hundred meters, then it will miss. The tracking only works when you are in the missile range which is capped at 6km maximum, if the weather conditions are clear.

And there is always safe to use smoke grenades, which is preventing both IR and TV guidance.

Or just find a building to hide behind. If you see a missile on the way, just drive closer to the building and wait for the missile to hit somewhere, or watch the kill feed if they are even killing someone else.

And here is the tip: Use IRST to lock and turn your radar off while locking. That will prevent you to show up on the RWR of the plane.

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True, but still “IR” seeker since it uses heat to track. But it’s only missile what is possible getting a kill on those specs :D
As mainly soviet player, my knowledge is slightly limited to receiving them, not shooting those :D And just being jealous of CAS loadouts what other can have :D

No one is killing anything from 15km with an A-10.

Don’t worry - the Su25 is the best CAS jet at 10.0 with R-60Ms and S-25Os. You don’t need guided weaponry unless you have the optics to use them (the A-10 doesn’t get any optics).

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i will say this. im glad most cas pilots suck. spaas all spawn in the exact same place, all the jet has to do is fly above my adats and when i spawn i cant see him. if theres clouds forget it… good f-16 pilots just keep on droping paveways.

this is going to be a problem in the near future because gaijin doesnt have much options. i mean, for the uk theres the adats, and then theres the land ceptor, the 1st is not enough and the 2nd is too op. most nations will have this problem.

lets see how they sort this out.

Most likely they wont, but still, it’s only missile what is in range on this original post.

And on that best Cas. Yes and no, 10.3 TRAM wipes su25’s ability 10-1.
Is it good, yes, is it overrated and hyped, Yes.
There are many flaws on that su25 on current meta, even at 10.0 since stinger slingers take it out quite easily, even that you preflare and spam em like hell.
And when going on towards top tier, it’s best Cas loadouts is still on su25T, and it just cant survive anymore on 11.3+ br to make use of those tv missiles what it does have.

A-6 is an undertiered premium with no tech tree analogue.

Probably has the best damage model of any aircraft in the game. It has a stronger damage model than some tanks.

You should be flying low and popping up just long enough to fire rockets at targets.

I’ve not played the 25T, but I’ve played against it and it doesn’t seem that bad. It at least has R-73s to defend itself from other aircraft. There has been a powercreep in SPAA capabilities though, as many tankers refuse to grind fighter trees and then complain about getting bombed.

At least the 25T gets the Strela and Pantsir on its side, two of the most OP spaa in the game. It’s likely that no nation in the game gets an SPAA as capable as the Pantsir due to russian bias, but you’re complaining about top tier spaa as a russian main lol? US and UK don’t even get a top tier SPAA, theirs is labelled a tank destroyer to prevent you from spawning it and killing Russian CAS.


Well, I didnt complain about AA, or did I. But since you started to talk about that, Pantsir got a awesome range, no doubt, but can any F16 player with half working braincell stratosphere bomb it away , that it cant even touch em. Yes, they can. Biggest mistake what I see on top tier when I play pantsir, is that people just fly straight when spawned, I dont mind those free kills, but it just feeds that “pantsir is op, it cant be dodged shit” But seriously, gripen, f16 etc eat’s pantsirs quite easily.

But back to the point. Su25T is just SU25 platform, with better armament, 2x tv missiles. 13km range. ( theory , since no thermals even slight cloud or fog and it’s unusable.) 2 x KH25L laser missiles. 10km range, quite nice and 2 x 8 Vikhrs. Damn small shooting window but works ok.
Now, to make use of those tv or laser missiles, you need altitude, nonmanouverable bathtub what is going 960km/h trying to get locks with bad optics and no thermals on that br, what can you quess will happen?
And yes, you get 2 x R73 for defence, and 2x R60M but to be honest, so what. it doesnt help you against AA :D

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This thread is called “Completly useless top tier SPAA”

Only if the Pantsir player is too smooth-brained to look upwards instead of relying on their radar to find air targets. The missile has a ridiculous range, even straight up.

That happens because it massively outranges everything else, and also doesn’t rely on radar to guide the missile, so the enemy plane has no warning until they start to hear it, at which point it’s too late.

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In case it wasnt clear, I was being sarcastic.

I have yet to see any munitions in game capable of IR locking ground target at 15km.

D mavrik

I knew this would happen with the pantsir.

It was completely OP, they power crept CAS to level it leaving all other SPAA in the dust.

It’s okayish, but have to rely on enemy just standing in one place, because it won’t lock on them but on the ground.

KH-38 MT : Lock range = 20km. Fire range = 40 km. Guidance = IR + IOG.
Is my ingame description wrong ?

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The only thing remotely “overpowered” about CAS is when a weapon is intentionally added without functional counters, or any counters at all, simply to ensure it sells well for a while to make good ROI.

Empowering the counters is the only real long-term solution to CAS, permanently.

That doesn’t answer my question. Maybe @Beeschurger, @zuadao, @Schindibee, @SlowHandClap could answer ?