Completly useless top tier SPAA

Oof, whats the question? Im kinda lost since i havent read the whole convo yet.

The game description is wrong, it should be “Laser+IOG” afaik

The ML is Laser + IOG I think

You’re right however the statcard says IR+IOG, hence OPs confusion.


I think that the MT is lock-on-after-launch, so you guide it towards the target with the laser, then when it’s close enough the IR seeker locks on and takes over. So the 20km lock on range is for the seeker.

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Thanks. Makes sense.

Plus our lord BVVD decided the great Federal Russian air force is not strong enough, he added the su25sm3, which can now fire KH38s at more than 20km, good luck with any anti air.

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It is IR + IOG as it does follow the same track after losing the IR signal.