Complete list of aircraft missing their arh missiles

This isn’t a discussion on weather of not these planes should receive their missiles, just a list of planes that could carry them.

And believe it or not
-f3d skynight
-f4d skyray
This doesn’t include premiums but if anyone has any more planes to add to this list please comment them.


F3D Skyknight
F4D Skyray

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I feel like that’s not right

They were part of the Sparrow II program, the OG ARH.

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F3D is missing the AIM-7A which is more akin to the Fireflash on the Swift.

AIM-7B was a very early ARH testbed that was mounted to F5D skylancer, and due to problems with the miniscule radar inside the missile and the early AN/APQ-64, the AIM-7B was not in service for very long, if at all.

At least I hope gaijin not forget add active radar homing MRAAM on F-16A Block 20 MLU (ROCAF), F-16A Block 15 ADF (IAM) and JA37D Viggen & JAS39 Gripen A (Flygvapnet) this major update. but for Xian JH-7A 50 : 50

In fact F-15A Eagle (USAF) can be able fired AIM-120A AMRAAM if change new radar (AN/APG-63 PSP) instead AN/APG-63 radar after this major udapte

That’s actually dope. I’ll add them to the list.

I mean, its down to gaijin if they want to add ARH to these or not, however some should stay as is.
For example the JA37D getting ARH would have its br bumped up , leaving a gap in swedish air

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The ja37c should have the same loadout the d has right now so if the d went up the c would get its correct loadout and move up too. There’s already another 11.0 so there wouldn’t be a gap.

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The mirage 4000 project was abandoned before micas existed so there’s no way it even mounted them.

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Sparrow II would be sucb a marginal weapon I’m not sure it’s worth representing.

It would be funny

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