Compleatly disabeling spawn possibility

I tryed to respawn in my Krunass 2000 in a ground game and it compleatly disabled the function to spwan (even with a tank).
After the game ended / i try to leave the game the Game freezes in a blackscreen,


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“Compleatly disabeling spwan” - made me laugh just reading that

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We all have a stroke sometimes


The recent update introduced some game breaking bugs, I have had a total of two game crashes from just driving around.

That is one way to address the spawn camping complaints :-)

Well it is not about spwancamping normal battle and wt just not allowing to spawn anymore (and after the game is done / i try to leave it hard crashes)

This is easy to fix, you have to back out of the spawn menu and go back into it. Sometimes helps to select the vehicle and press ‘Enter’. It’s a common and regular bug likely caused by server hang ups.

jup doesnt work
(it is still bugged btw)