Complaints We Made

What do we need to do to find out what action is taken on our cheat reports?


Gaijin won’t. However. You can keep track of the user names and check the player search and see if they’ve been banned.
I have 2 “kills”. ]:)

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A notification for this is on the roadmap.




Does this mean we wont have to spend SL to move vehicles around? (or i guess could you explain what it will mean… since the worded is… Extremely ambiguous [not about the dragging and dropping part])

Seeing as it hasn’t been implemented yet and they haven’t completely explained it yet. It’s only speculation at this point. But from the sound of it, it seems like you’ll be able to reorganize the order of the crew slots.

right… technically we can already do that… So deduction means that they are removing the cost of the SL to move vehicles around…

Which i really hope is the case… i would like to move a LOT of vehicles around… but just havnt because the penalty for doing so… is absurd/Extremely annoying (and no, im not hurting for SL, at all)

I think your deduction is wrong. I don’t see gaijin doing much in the way of lowering the cost of anything for SL. Don’t get me wrong. I hope so. But I don’t foresee that being the case…

im worried i am wrong too…

but what else could they be changing? if not removing the SL cost to move them (which… they definitely should… 1, its extremely dumb and annoying and 2… they are CONSTANTLY changing BR’s of vehicles… meaning we usually have to re-do line ups and move vehicles around)

‘Ability to change the order of the crew slots’ is pretty self explanatory… You’re not going to be able to move the vehicle to other crew slots, you’ll just be able to change the order of the crews, so you can have them sitting ordered on your lineup.

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Never mind, I forgot this thread veered off its original topic

That is likely what it means. Y’all are saying you’re worried about it, but it’s just not implemented yet. It’s planned for the next update.


They’re going to be all ‘Oh good’ thinking that they’re going to be able to move vehicles to other slots without paying lions.

That’s what they want to hear, but not what’s said in that image.

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i HOPE that is the case… but i will believe it when i see it. (again, they definitely Should remove the cost of SL for this… since they are Constantly changing BR’s of vehicles and obliterating lineups)

Sorry, forgot this thread veered off its original topic

See… You should now ask them to tell you what they think is what it means.

I don’t have that level of contact.

What I’m pretty sure it means is that you have to pay SL to train a crew, but then you can move its order around without SL.

basically all you can do rn is copy the player’s ID from their profile, and then check if they’re banned on the warthunder player search thing

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Sorry I forgot this thread veered off its original topic.