Compilation of "why the hell aren't these maps in RB or more frequent in SB" maps

Link to the compilation

(If you wanna explore these maps yourselves, click the game mode select window and choose simulator battles (dunno if this effects anything but i do it just incase), then get to the custom battles window and just create a lobby with the map you want and choose SIMULATOR battles, make sure you choose the right version of the map.)

Some of these maps only pop up in lower BR sim bracket, I only play the higher one so I don’t see most of them.

And even the ones that can pop up on my bracket, like El Alamein, are rare and I get arctic all the time instead.

Why aren’t these maps in both sim brackets ? Why aren’t they more frequent? Instead we get the same trash maps spammed.

And most importantly, why aren’t these in realistic battles ? Atleast in modern BRs?


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