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Tell me, does anyone know what the fundamental differences are between the aim120 and the r77 and how they can be implanted according to you IG?

Similarly, what do you think the other nations will have and what will be their strengths compared to the R77/Aim120?

To sum up: how do you think Gaijin will implement the Amraam and in your opinion, what will be the specificities and differences between the amraam of each nation?

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I would have to go into Falcon BMS or DCS to compare them. I would think they would have similar performance, but it’s Gaijin we’re talking about so of course the R77 will be better than the AMRAAM in all respects.


R77 will be an utter power fantasy like the R-27ER
AIM-120 will be a jank “early model” and just be kinda okay at best

R77 will be better then early 120s
I hope they put it on low performance planes first like the F4 ICE AV8B+ Sea Harrier FA2 Su39 late
This will allow a gap from the higher performance airframes like the F15 and later Su27s

AIM-120A with upgraded software to improve guidance during inertial portion of flight, extending range in oblique shots and increasing PoK.
Weight: 158 kg
Max speed: Mach 4
Max range (high alt high speed): 70 km
Max range (0 alt 0 speed): 20 km
ARH range: 16 km
Max overload: 35 g
Warhead mass (TNTe): 22 kg

Russia’s first production Fox-3.
Weight: 175 kg
Max speed: Mach 4
Max range (high alt high speed): 80 km
Max range (0 alt 0 speed): 12 km
ARH range: 16 km
Max overload: 40 g
Warhead mass (TNTe): 22.5 kg

The AIM-120B and R-77 are very equivalent. Both are huge steps up from current in-game SARH. The R-77 has a longer range at altitude and when fired at supersonic speeds, but due to its high-drag grid-fins it has a much smaller range when launched at low altitude or subsonic. The AIM-120B also has slightly higher thrust on launch which combined with its lower mass and drag gives it a better acceleration than its Soviet counterpart.

Operators include-
AIM-120B: USA, Germany, Britain, Japan, Italy, Sweden, Israel
R-77: Russia, China
France is the only nation in game to not use one of those two missiles, instead operating the indigenous MICA-EM because France doesn’t play well with others when it comes to military matters.

ARH variant of the MICA missile.
Weight: 112 kg
Max speed: Mach 4.5
Max range (high alt high speed): 80 km
Max range (0 alt 0 speed): 20 km
ARH range: 15 km
Max overload: 50 g TVC, 30 g aero
Warhead mass (TNTe): 12 kg

The US also operated the AIM-120A. I can neither confirm nor deny whether the AIM-120A was ever exported, but many sources describing the use of AMRAAMs in foreign service specifically name the AIM-120B so it may be unlikely. Either way the US should and will still get the AIM-120B alongside the others.

Japan and China have their own ARH missiles (AAM-4 and PL-12) which are pretty similar to the AIM-120B/R-77 but a bit better and found on better variants of their 4th gen fighters. Maybe the PL-12 could come soon at ~13.0 for the J-8 (along with PL-8B) but I’d doubt that since Gaijin wants all nations to get Fox-3s at the same time and not all nations have equivalents to the F-4F ICE, Tornado, or J-8.

In terms of how to implement Fox-3s, I made this post




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This is verry interesting and seem verry balanced, I can’t wait for the fox 3 introduction :D

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