Comparing the Type 87 RCV to the BMP-2

The Type 87 RCV is 9.0
The BMP-2 is 8.7

The Type 87 RCV does not have a stabiliser
The BMP-2 does have a stabiliser

The Type 87 RCV has a fire-rate of 560 RPM and has 92mm of pen on its best round with a reload of 10.4s (about 2s when switching belt) and 100 rounds per belt
The BMP-2 has a fire-rate of 550 RPM and has 82mm of pen on its best round with a reload of 1.3s and 250 rounds per belt

The Type 87 RCV does not have an ATGM
The BMP-2 does have an ATGM with 500mm of pen

The Type 87 RCV is a wheeled vehicle with 270hp at 2700rpm and a top speed of 62mph (99kph) and weighs 15.0 t
The BMP-2 is a tracked vehicle with 265hp at 2600rmp and a top speed of 40mph (64kph) and weighs 14.0 t

After reading this I would like to know what the reason is for the Type 87 RCV being at 9.0


RCV is more of a rat vehicle. It can reach sides and slaughter entire flanks. APDS on the bmp2 is mediocre. Also doesn’t the rcv have insane turret speed and elevation rates, basically acting like a stabiliser?


unfortunately not fast enough, only up to speeds of around 10mph at most, and the APDS on the BMP-2 is more or less the same as the Type 87 RCV’s APFSDS (its not good), but the BMP-2 doesn’t have to rely on only its gun

Keep in mind all soviet/chinese autocannons are locked to only 1 top belt (1 APDSFS/APDS belts), so the moment these 250 go 0, its 62 pen now.


The Type 87 RCV is basically single cannon Type 87 with less armour, without radar, worse HP per Ton ratio, with 0.7 BR higher place. Type 87’s apds would make more damage.
RCV has no chance against most of the soviet MBTs, frontally. Especially that annoying

Type 87 RCV seems better suited at 8.7, but

You are missing the fact that it’s much much faster than the Type 87, smaller, and Type 87’s APDS is limited to only 60 shells (Its APDS has worse angle pen too), albeit it carries 3/4 68mm APHE on its main belt- which is really good.

Meanwhile,Italian VTC PT2 use the same gun,the same ammo,at the same BR.
But it has stabilizer,laser rangfinder and thermal imager,even its protection is much better than type 87 RCV.

Italian bias?

I agree with the assesment, but would like to add that the VBC (PT-2) presents a larger and more obvious target.

L: 5.53m < 8.56m
W: 2.48m < 2.99m
H: 2.80m < 3.18m

How relevant this actually is, especially when weighed with it’s survivability advantage, can be argued.


I don’t think the size difference matters that much, as, like you said, bigger size also means being slightly more survivable.

The VTC PT2 seems to be objectively the better vehicle.

Nah, that can barely be argued as the bmd 4 is at the exact same BR, with 4 750 pen atgms and insane mobility. It also have a stabilizer and 2nd gen thermals. It is tiny as well as being a tracked vehicle.

Bmd is legit just a better bmp3 straight up

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