Commander Role for Ground RB (Optional)

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I am proposing the addition of a new commander mechanic to spice up ground RB, and to hopefully increase team coordination and strategy to make ground battles a more intense and exciting experience. while also offering new experiences for long time players.

(an apology in advance for the lack of pictures, i am not spending 10 hours drawing the commander interface in MS paint)

This suggestion if implemented will drastically affect how this game will be played, and i understand many would still prefer the normal battles. So this thing will be a toggleable queue option, where players who want to have a commander will be queued with other people who also want a commander, and players who just want to enjoy the game normally, will be queued with other players who also just want to enjoy the game normally. and the queue option will be off by default.

Ideas down below:

Commanders are elected by players of their team at the start of a game, players are given option to run for commander and vote for players. 1 minute will be allocated to the commander election before the beginning of the game, all players are allowed to send messages during this period.
Players with minimum lineup rank of rank VI and player level of minimum 70 are allowed to run, but players of all rank and level are allowed to cast their vote.

The player with most votes will become the commander.
if no players ran or no players voted, the team will have no commanders and will function like normal.
if 2 or more players recieve equal votes, player with the highest level and exp within level will win when election time runs out.
And if 2 level 100s recieved equal votes, one will be randomly chosen to become the commander.

the election screen will be layed over the tactical map during the election time, and can be toggled on and off, after election time runs out the election screen will close automatically, and the elected player will be announced to the team.

After the election period, regardless of outcome, 20 more seconds will be given for teams to select spawn locations and vehicles.

A unique commander status icon will show next to the elected player’s name on the Tab menu, same location as the vehicle icon or the blue parashute icon, the status icon is visible to both teams.

The commander when elected, will no longer be allowed to spawn vehicles. and tactical map screen will be replaced with a interactable commander map, and the vehcle spawn options will be replaced by commander tool options:
- Scout drone
- supply drop
- Commander artillery
- spawn boost
- give orders

All abilities except giving orders have a 45 second cooldown in between, and all abilities except orders cannot be used in the first 2 minutes of the match.

Abilities explaination:

Scout drone
when the commander select the drone option, a pointer similar to artillery call can be used to designated a scouting location on the interactive commander map, then an AI controlled drone will spawn above the battlefield flying in circles. the AI controlled scout drone cosmetically is an attack drone used by the country of the commander. 5 minute cooldown between uses. if the timer runs out before being destroyed, the drone will despawn
the drone will highlight targets on location chosen by the commander for 1 minute, highlights update every 5 seconds, diameter of highlight diameter is 200 meters. though functions similarly to scout function, no scouting reward will be granted to the commander.
when the scout drone spawns, the enemy team will be notified about is presence but not the area it’s scouting. all enemy players will recieve a new objective: ‘destroy enemy scout drone’ and will fail if drone is not destroyed.
the drone can be targeted and destroyed, and once destroyed, the scouting effect ends immediately and the drone will no longer be available to use again. and the team who requested the drone will lose 500 points.

Supply drop
when the commander select the supply drop option, a pointer similar to artillery pointer can be used to designate a drop location on the map, then a AI controlled transprt plane will spawn above the friendly airbase at an altitute of 2500 meters above the airfield, fly towards the designated point, spawn a supply crate with parashute that slowly drops down onto the ground, and return to above friendly airbase, then despawn. 5 minute cooldown between uses.
when the transport spawns, the enemy team will be notified of its presence but not the drop zone, all enemy players will recieve a new objective. ‘intercept enemy transport’ and will fail if cargo is delivered sucessfully.
the cargo dropped can allow nearby stock players to fully repair, speed up normal repairs, replenish ammo, smoke, and FPE, players with crew replenishment are also given option to replenish crew.
the crate can be destroyed by enemy vehicles, by calibers above 7.62mm, once crate is destroyed, it cannot be used, but another one can be dropped if the transport plane is not destroyed.
the transport plane can be targeted and destroyed, once destroyed, the cargo drop can no longer be requested, and the team who requested the cargo drop will lose 500 points.

Commander artillery
Commander artillery is functionally similar to normal artillery, but the artillery can be called anywhere on the map without spread penalty with distance, artillery diameter is 30 by 30 meters with same density of fire as minimum spread normal artillery. 5 minute cooldown between uses.
Enemy players within artillery radius will be notified of the artillery. there will be a 10 second orange smoke round period before bombing.
all kills caused by the artillery is awarded to the commander with full kill rewards.

Spawn boost
The commander can use spawn boost to half all players’ spawn points required to spawn (not including nuke), can only be activated once per match.
all friendly players will be notified of the activation, the enemy will not.

Give orders
Commanders can select players and their automatic or player made squads to assign them specific orders, such as moving to location, attack location, ambush location, overwatch location and more. 10 second cool down between giving orders to the same squad, but no cool down between squads.
Players can follow orders, but are allowed to refuse orders without consequences. when commanders are giving orders, only the designated squad are notified.
Commanders select squads by left clicking a player on the commander map, a menu of orders will appear, after selecting an order, the commander can click on the map to mark a location associated with the order, to then be given to the selected players.
When the order is given, the designated squad will be notified with a radio message, alongside a location on the map marked by the commander, highlighted by an icon.
Aircraft can also be selected, but orders can only given to induvidual aircraft, and they have a menu of uniqe orders.

Ground orders can include:

  1. Attack
    1. Attack location
    2. rush location
  2. Defend
    1. defend location
    2. defend player
  3. Hold
    1. set up ambush
    2. hold sightine
    3. overwatch lovation
  4. Move
    1. relocate to
    2. Retreat to
    3. Fighting Retreat to
  5. Notify
    1. enemy presence
    2. enemy air presence
    3. enemy ambush
    4. enemy sightline

and air orders can include:

  1. attack
    1. attack Ground at specified location
    2. obtain air superiority
    3. intercept attackers and bombers
  2. cover
    1. cover friendly attack
    2. cover friendly retreat
    3. cover friendly aircraft
  3. move
    1. move here
    2. retreat from battlefield
    3. retreat to airfield
  4. Notify
    1. enemy aircraft
    2. hostile AA
  5. special
    1. search for enemies
    2. return to base
    3. Circle and await further orders

Battle rewards given to the commander could be affected by factors such as targets highlighted via drone, repair assists and replenishment via supply drop, targets destroyed via artillery, points captured by teammates, battle outcome (victory/defeat), and more. Similar to helicopter PvE ‘‘useful actions’’.

So, what do y’all think?


Just saying, election would be problematic, because everyone would want to be commander… Just the same as normal games, everyone expects everyone to pay attention to them, but don’t expect to follow. Everyone thinks it’s the teams fault, compared to them even being a part of it.

But definitely, would be keen for this, even if it was an AI commander that people had to protect and keep near to, to avoid the nonsense that would come from it.

You’re thinking a lot of fun, but it’s obviously not suitable for most of the maps in the game.It would be more appropriate to discuss these after the development team has decided to develop a 32v32 regular combat or a 16v16 Squadron battle. Or, I mean, it’s more suited to a show-based game.