Combined Arms Missions

Combined arms missions are exactly what War Thunder needs. Being able to work with a team of naval vessels, air vehicles, and ground vehicles to plan coordinated attacks is what should be added. Although this could easily be unfair, mostly because attack aircraft would have the advantage it would still be nice to have a combined arms mission, with decent rewards. It could almost be like simulator battles but in the gameplay of realistic battles. I think this could bring some more fun to War Thunder, adding an environment where every type of player can strive and work together to achieve victory.

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Fully agree - it is quite frustrating if you enjoy war thunder, but you can’t fulfill battle pass challenges as they are structured and designed to play modes you are not interested in (for me: Naval) or you assess as "unfair/poor balanced (for me: Ground).

I understand gaijins’ intentions behind this design - nevertheless it should be worth a thought for them.

It is already unfair in Ground modes, so there is no “could”.

I mean all f2p games are “unfair” by design - just in order to encourage you to buy premium vehicles to overcome intended flaws.

The problem of fighting with or against ships/tanks/planes is based on the way they are implemented to make them playable for masses. So each type (ex. ship vs ship, plane vs plane…) is somehow balanced to fight each other, but as soon as you fight another type (Ex. plane vs tank) these implementation approaches create highly unfair scenarios.

So the artificially increased accuracy/hit probability/effective combat range of a plane vs a tank creates at least for prop BRs (so without op missile AA vehicles) a totally unfair scenario.

I do not think that there is a substantial chance that gaijin is willing to balance the involved vehicle types in order to create a desirable game experience for all of the involved players…