Combine sets of the same air-to-air missiles when using Selected Weapon Mode

On some jets that can use more than one type of missile at once, there may be multiple sets of the same missiles when using Selected Weapon Mode. Because of this, pressing the Switch Secondary Weapons key can switch to the same missile, requiring an additional press to select the different type of missile.

For instance, the F-16ADF custom loadout with x4 AIM-9L and x2 AIM-7M. Using selected weapon mode, there are 2 sets of x2 AIM-9L and 1 set of AIM-7M. Instead of the Switch Secondary Weapons key toggling between the IR and SARH missiles, pressing the button once switches from the IR missile to the same IR missile and pressing twice switches to the SARH missile.

This is particularly confusing when flying the JA37C and JA37D with x4 IR missiles and x2 SARH missiles, where the selected weapon mode works differently for the similar planes. On the JA37C, there are 2 sets of x2 IR missiles and 1 set of x2 SARH missiles. On the JA37D, this one set of x4 IR missiles and 1 set of SARH missiles. Consequently, the JA37C requires up to two presses of the Switch Secondary Weapons key to change missiles, while the JA37D can switch between missile types with only one press. This inconsistency has caused me to queue the wrong missile when needed, thus missing out on possible kills or losing a missile joust.

I saw this issue has been brought up before several times as a bug report, and each time the report was closed for β€œNot a bug”. Please help me complete the list below and hopefully we can get some feedback from Gaijin.

Here are the planes/loadouts to my knowledge that are affected:
Mig-29 (9-13) - x2 R60M, x2 R60M, x2 R27
Mig-29SMT (9-19) - x2 R73, x2 R73, x2 R27
JA37C - x2RB24J, x2 RB24J, x2 RB71 (DF)
F16ADF - x2 AIM-9L, x2 AIM-9L, x2 AIM-7M
F16C - x2 AIM-9L, x2 AIM-9L, x2 AIM-7M (Not an issue with x4 AIM-9M?)


I know the squadron su 22m3 has it too. You get up to 6 r60s in sets of 2 and 4.
I use it with bombs and i have 2-r60, 4-r60, and 4-500kg bombs.

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this has killed me so many times because I was on the wrong missile, the su27 has this bug too in the dev server

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I just got the Gripen in the Dev Server and it has the same issue when I bring x2 Skyflashes and x4 AIM-9M. Its really annoying to have to press the button twice to change missiles and once to change back.

Please Devs, this really needs to be prioritized. It’s horrible for gameplay.

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Yeah this is really annoying. Theres no way that this is very hard to fix.

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