Collision does not cause team kill penalty

Find a way to detect friendly collision or remove repair cost from friendly collision.

omg I know far to many trolls flipping teammates over on takeoff… I just turn hard now and watch my back every takeoff now sadly…


don’t get hit?

This is like telling someone to not get plastered on the sidewalk because a car was speeding and lost control.

Lol I think you just have a skill issue, I haven’t been teamkilled on spawn in ages, and when I do, it wasn’t someone ramming into me, it was someone who just started shooting at me once I took off.

What is the value of your experience to the systems of the game?

This makes no grammatical sense.

What is the value of your personal experience in the game to the systems of the game?

Why are you telling me that you aren’t TK’d? What does that have bearing on in regards to the systems of the game?

Why do I care whether you are TK’d or not? What does that have to do with the system of friendly player collision in the game?

it is a rarity and does not affect the game much, sure I get pissed when I’m TK but collisions are more often than not accidents, so if someone decides they are going to collide with me, I don’t really care and I just join a different match

If one person’s assertions of something are accepted as evidence it happened, then another person’s assertions to the contrary carry equal weight.

Except the reality of the game system is that friendly collision is currently not detected or punished.

My experience is irrelevant, so is his. The system that is ingame is relevant. The system does not detect friendly collision. I believe it should.

Yes it is rare, but it still remains.

It leaves a sour taste I would rather it not.

Pointless addition. You can report trolls if they ram you, normal players will not do that because they get damaged too…

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Yes this isn’t a discussion of normal player behavior.

Issue remains and is toxic for helicopters capturing points with nearby team mates.

If this behavior is not punished through the system toxicity is encouraged.

I have had a couple of experiences were pilot below me pulls up and i end up paying repair cost, or you get that annoying xp50 pilot which buzzes the run way which is great fun and i love doing it due to the sound 😆 🤣 😂

Helicopter to helicopter collision offers no team kill penalty.

I turn immediately on take off and am very wary of anyone who looks like they’re lining up behind me.