Cold War mobile artillery needs a good nerfing

Specifically, all M109 variants, the 2S3 and the 1S3. I have several reasons for this. Generally:

They’re very mobile
They seem to eat hits
They have rotating turrets

More specifically, they have the advantage of autoloaders which seem never to get damaged or malfunction and Cold War ammo.


M109s are honestly fine, dont have issues with them. They have thin armor anyways, which doesnt fit AB’s current meta.


Umm, absolutely the f not.

“They have rotating turrets” wtf is that reasoning, too used to fighting StuG’s and Jagd-T/P.


Jagdtiger moment. That thing is very good in AB ao

These things just shouldn’t eat shells for breakfast, same with the Vidar.


They dont, though. This is AB, the only one that does is the Bkan, and thats at 7.0 and more of an SPAA.

AB is a very armor-focused mode, so they dont do as well here.

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Most don’t have an autoloader and have a reload above 10 seconds. Besides autoloader will be modeled as a module next update. Their “cold war ammo” isn’t anything special either. It’s just regular HE, with sometimes HEAT, but those aren’t even the most damaging or high-penning rounds of their BRs.

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Autoloaders are getting modeled now.

Always take some yellow HE shells with you if you can. Problem solved.

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Shoot APFSDS at vehicle.
Doesn’t do anything.
Load HE.
It kills you.
Shoot HE in the afterlife.

Aim for the barrel then :p

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I mean, that’s how a lack of armor works, it just makes a clean pass through, minimum spalling.

Yeah, and I’m sure if a real Vidar has an APFSDS rip through the compartment it does zero damage and they’ll go on as if nothing happened.

It’s just the game pretending light tanks are just hollow with nothing of value in them, the same thing with helicopters just having shells rip through them and somehow not a single component, wire or line gets damaged in the process.


If you damaged an artillery’s autoloader you ammo-rack them.
They’re already nerfed by being at the BRs they are instead of lower.

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Hence the new additions to damages models…

We have to see how that works out, doesn’t change that the current implementation is bad and has been bad for a decade.


It’s simple, throw them up into BRs with other vehicles made in the same era as them, but it’s not going to happen because gaijin would rather bloat the late WW2 bracket with artillery that don’t have a reason to be in the game since their purpose of being long range support on fortified locations and stationary targets irl doesn’t translate into the gameplay loop in this game. Also it’s very convenient that the russian artillery gets HEAT-FS and APHE at 6.0 and 6.3 that’s more than capable of easily going right through the majority of the heaviest armored vehicles in their BR ranges.

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They benefit from War Thunder’s “no armour is best armour” bulls**t

This is/was a MAJOR gripe i have/had with War Thunder…

However…it feels much better lately…i didn’t check any models or data…but firing at soft targets seems more effective and hard targets are bouncing more shots. I get more “no penetration” results (on hard targets) and i dont recall many occasions where a soft target eats several shots. It still happens that a M109 (as an example) survives a direct hit…but less…and the second hit usually does it.
In the old days i recall an 88mm truck surviving 5+ shots…and the waffentragers were very hard to kill.

Either it got better, or modern SPGs are more vulnerable…or i have been lucky.
(I play arcade…now around 7.0 usually).

As to mobile artillery…i dont like it for historical reasons…it feels odd to have a mobile gun acting as a tank…i am not an expert, but i assume their aiming should not work as fast, even if turret rotation speed allows for it.

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