Coats of arms of 51st Wing.

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51st Wing


In 1939 the 51 Wing was created, intended for the defense of Rome, by merging two aeronautical groups. Shortly after Italy’s entry into the war alongside Germany, the Wing was divided again and part of it was sent to Belgium together with the Italian Air Force (CAI) to support German air operations over England. The rest of the Wing remained in Italy, and with the armistice of 8 September it was reinstated in the departments of the Italian Cobelligerent Air Force, carrying out missions in the Balkans until the end of the conflict. The 51 Wing is still active with some of the most modern fighter and reconnaissance aircraft available.

The Coats of arms

The Stormo’s coat of arms is unique in that it represents a black cat attacking three green mice. The origins of the coat of arms date back to the late 1930s. In those years a strong dispute arose between bomber and fighter pilots, as the former said they were capable of defending themselves against enemy attacks. It was decided to do some flight tests to resolve the issue: pilots from the 205th Squadron were chosen for the supporters of the pro-bomber thesis and pilots from the 20th Group for the supporters of the pro-fighter thesis. the pilots of the 20th Group won and ironically decided to paint as their coat of arms a black cat pouncing on green mice, which were the symbol of the 205th Squadron. To avoid irritation of the latter, the mice were painted grey, but shortly after the start of the Second World War fighter pilots decided to repaint the mice green.

Pictures and drawnings.





51º Stormo - Wikipedia
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51° STORMO AERONAUTICA MILITARE – Istituto del Nastro Azzurro

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great idea +1

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I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but the emblem is already ingame via the bi-weekly decals few years ago.

So maybe you could suggest the shield variant of the emblem to be added to the game.


Ah… damn. And thanks for making me know it.


Why I can’t see them?

Because you don’t have it. It’s only available to unlock for limited time as part of the bi-weekly authenthic decals. Unfortunately Gaijin seems to have discontinued them this year, as the last bi-weekly decals was in December 2022.

The 51 Stormo decal was available to unlock in February 2020

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I’m surprised and sad that there are so many italian decals and only 4 by default available for the new players, as I am.


Just for know, can I have also a pic of the tank’s decal? If you have more.

Which nation’s tank decal that you wanted to see in particular?



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Thanks man.

No problem. Please do note that I don’t own every available weekly decals, so those are only the ones that I had obtained.

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Better than nothing.