Coastal research costs needs an overhaul

For the past little while, I’ve been thinking of grinding out the coastal tree to its completion just so I don’t have to think too much about it going forward, but it quickly became apparent to me that trying to unlock new vehicles is something of a massive chore starting at Rank 4 and continues to get worse with Rank 5. Whereas Rank 4 on the ground requires something like 50-70k RP and planes require 40-50k, Coastal ships are facing 75-120k, which is just absurd. Yes, Naval elements supposedly have a heightened RP boost compared to the other game modes, but I quickly realized that the best way to grind onwards to the next vehicle is to fully spade the previous vehicle and get that Research tier bonus.
Which wouldn’t be a problem, until you realize the research cost for unlocking (often vital) modifications itself costs an annoying amount of RP. Looking forward to seeing what I have to grind to make the Isuzu a usable ship? I have to research the Damage Control Division, Fire Division, APHE, VT-shell, Primary Armament Targeting, and finally Improved Rangefinder. With the total RP cost there of 82k RP. And I still have ten more modules to grind out to spade the vehicle to take full advantage of the tier bonuses so I can go and unlock Asagao which has the research requirement of 250k RP.
This all makes it an incredibly daunting task and slows the progression to a slog that no one would enjoy. Yes, I’ve said it before and fully stand by the idea that playing the game for the sake of the grind is the worst way to enjoy War Thunder, but at the same time, at least make climbing the ranks not so much of a chore if the only vehicle I get to play to maximize the RP gain is some WW2 coastal barge facing against Cold War rapid fire HE lobbers.


I did the same mistake as you, I got the entire Soviet coastal tree and even in spite of getting a massive help in the form of the Pr.159 that I had from when it was a dirt cheap T2, it was still an unenjoyable slog.

It doesn’t feel like Gaijin knows what they want to do with coastal vessels, not only are they inaccessible due to their excessive research costs, but outside of a handful of outliers they are worse BR for BR than anything bluewater. At equal skill level, a 4.3 PT boat will fare just as bad if not worse than a reserve G-5 against a 4.3 DD.

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No idea why Gaijin likes to make every single aspect of the game an annoying grind, coastal among the worst because it’s so useless.

Imho, you are exagerating quite a bit. The boats are doing fine near stock, as fire and damage is meanwhile taken care of, even if slowly. My Isutzu is far from spaded, I didn’t even pick the same modules as you did.

Perhaps if you try to get it all without spending any money on the game. But if you play it enough to reach top tier, it may be time to spend too.

I play Naval on the side (last mode to pick up), but I am currently grinding the USS Dealey, which happens to be the last coastal boat I need to research to have the (free) coastal trees complete again.

Hint: The key to grind is survival. One tends to forget this in coastal battles.


My survival strategy seems to largely depend on staying at range to give myself some level of maneuvering room so Improved Rangefinder tend to be my end goal of what I’d deem to be a good basis to have a vehicle worth grinding with. Primary Armament Targeting for that turret traverse speed on the off chance I’m forced into a brawl with some speedboat or something at close range (especially since the Isuzu don’t have secondaries). The rest (outside of the damage control modules of course) are just to meet the research tier requirements.

As for spending money on the game, that’s correct, I don’t buy Premium time nor ships (the one that I did end up buying, I got GE from the Marketplace after selling an event vehicle), so I’m speaking from a purely F2P player experience.

Its because of low number of vehicles in TT.

That is the idea… welcome to f2p.

My take: If it isn’t even worth 3$ a month of my money, it isn’t worth my time either.

Yeah, I agree to this. Players usually don’t even try to understand how the RP system works in the game. And the new system, after 2021 RP changes, is mostly time-based. So it’s hard to get good RP if someone uses Coastal boat as “I just capture the zone and then J-out or suicide with it”. This way of thinking won’t give you good RP for sure.

I actually uploaded a battle today, where I show how I research the USS Daeley (if you want, you can check the description of this video, where I explain how the RP system works):


It’s really not that hard to research Coastal vessels, as long as you value your life.

BTW: I also have every Coastal vessel in the game spaded, beside that USS Daeley of course. But yeah, I use a premium account all the time, which helps a lot (double the RP). I know premium costs money, it’s like 37€ per year (during 50% sales), but I play War Thunder so much, I think buying premium account is really worth it.

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Yeah, I don’t expect F2P playstyle to be competitive with Premium-boosted progression, but I don’t think it should be a slog either. Like, sure, at some point in air or ground, this slow down can be acutely felt, but they usually have like-BRs you can unlock around the same time for you to co-grind. With coastal to my experience though, even if you got like-BR vessel, by the time you unlock the new BR, the other vessel isn’t researched yet so you pretty much have to grind your new vehicle to unlock the other vehicle (like my current situation of having to use Isuzu to get Asagao instead of having both in line up and flip between the two for some diversity.)
As for if paying is worth it, I mostly play casually on and off for a couple of months at a time so I don’t particularly invest enough time in the game to justify buying a premium for it. Me finishing coastal is just something to do for completion’s sake (until a new vehicle got added on in some future update).

I understand your frustration with the grind in War Thunder, especially when it comes to unlocking new vehicles (been there plenty times myself) and researching modifications. It can indeed feel like a daunting task, and the RP costs can be quite high.

While I don’t have a direct solution to reduce the grind, I can offer some general advice to make the process more manageable:

  1. Focus on Efficiency:
    Prioritize researching modifications that directly impact your gameplay. For example, if you find that a specific modification significantly improves your vehicle’s performance, prioritize unlocking it first.

  2. Daily Bonuses and Events:
    Take advantage of daily bonuses and special events. These can provide extra RP and help you progress faster. Also, consider playing during events that offer increased rewards for specific vehicle types or nations.

  3. Premium Account and Vehicles:
    If possible, consider using a premium account or premium vehicles. They provide additional RP bonuses, which can significantly speed up your progression.

  4. Squad Up:
    Playing with friends or squamate’s can be beneficial. Teamwork can lead to better results, and you’ll earn more RP when playing in a squad.

  5. Patience and Persistence:
    Remember that War Thunder is a long-term game. Take breaks when needed, and don’t burn yourself out. Slow and steady progress is better than rushing and feeling frustrated.

As for the coastal ships, I recommend researching modifications that enhance survivability and combat effectiveness. While the grind can be challenging, focus on enjoying the gameplay and the satisfaction of gradually improving your vehicles.

Here is an Example of the Russian Coastal TT Advantages

  1. Armor and Durability:
  • Russian coastal boats tend to have robust armor, making them more resilient to damage.
  • Their durability allows them to withstand enemy fire and survive longer in battle.
  1. Firepower:
  • Russian coastal boats often feature powerful armaments, including cannons and torpedoes.
  • These weapons can deal significant damage to enemy vessels, especially at close range.
  1. Torpedo Boats:
  • Russia has some effective torpedo boats, such as the Pr.206.
  • Torpedo boats excel at surprise attacks, sneaking up on larger ships and delivering devastating torpedoes.
  1. Speed and Maneuverability:
  • Russian coastal boats are agile and can quickly change direction.
  • Their speed allows them to outmaneuver opponents and escape dangerous situations.
  1. Access to Islands and Shallow Waters:
  • Many Russian coastal maps feature islands, channels, and shallow waters.
  • Russian boats can navigate these areas effectively, using cover and ambush tactics.
  1. Variety of Lineups:
  • The Russian coastal tree offers a diverse lineup of boats at different battle ratings.
  • Players can choose from various vessels to suit their preferred playstyle.

Remember that each nation has its strengths and weaknesses, and the “best” coastal tree depends on your personal preferences and playstyle. Other nations like the United States, Germany, and Italy also have competitive coastal fleets. Ultimately, find the tree that aligns with your preferred tactics and enjoy the naval battles!

(I will Log into the game and let you know my line-up as well as the advantages of why i pick these ships)

My current Russian Coastal Fleet at a 4.7 Battle Rating (BR). Includes 7 ships and 3 strike aircraft. Here’s the lineup along with reasons for each choice:

Russian Coastal Boats (7 slots):

  1. Pr.206 (Project 206) Torpedo Boat:
  • Excellent speed and maneuverability.
  • Ideal for surprise torpedo attacks on larger ships.
  1. G-5 Motor Torpedo Boat (MTB):
  • High speed and a rear-facing 45mm autocannon.
  • Effective against both boats and aircraft.
  1. MO-4 Armored Gunboat:
  • Heavy guns for its tier.
  • Suitable for engaging boats and light ground targets.
  1. SKR Pr.35 Armored Gunboat:
  • Features a 76mm main gun.
  • Good armor protection.
  1. MBK-161 Armored Gunboat:
  • Versatile choice with a 45mm cannon.
  • Effective against boats and light ground targets.
  1. SKR Pr.159 Armored Gunboat:
  • Powerful 100mm main gun.
  • Devastating against enemy vessels.
  1. SKR Pr.122bis Armored Gunboat:
  • Balanced firepower and mobility.
  • 76mm cannon and decent armor.

Strike Aircraft (3 slots):

  1. IL-2 Sturmovik:
  • Rugged ground-attack aircraft.
  • Effective against naval targets and ground units.
  1. Pe-2 Dive Bomber:
  • Versatile dive bomber with good speed.
  • Can carry bombs and rockets for naval strikes.
  1. Yak-9T Fighter-Bomber:
  • Equipped with a 37mm cannon.
  • Can engage both air and sea targets.


  • The coastal fleet excels in fast-paced action, and the selected boats offer a mix of speed, firepower, and survivability.

  • The strike aircraft provide air support and can engage naval and ground targets effectively.

  • This lineup ensures versatility and adaptability in different scenarios.

I have a separate Bluewater Profile, Coastal Profile and a Hybrid, depending on my Mood for the day.

I hope this helps, if you need any further assistance on my lineups please ask

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How do you know Tubby isn’t just a chatbot? lol

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Personally don’t mind the low and mid tier grinds much at all. The rp they can generate due to the game design and the rp modifiers is quite high. Later cruisers make it a lot harder though for me personally.

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Later tier cruisers happens to also be Rank 4 in Bluewater TT respectively, so it also runs into a similar problem. However I do think coastal is a bit more problematic here since Bluewater often have (or at least, should in theory) have a lineup of 3 like-BR things while coastal often have only 2, which leads to one grinding out the other and so on (like my example of Isuzu needed to get Asagao, and Isuzu itself needing me to spade Syonan to get it ASAP)

I figured something was wrong with what they’ve typed as look at the next post, Calling Sentry Ships Armoured Gunboats along with Small Anti-Submarine Ship MPK’s calling them SKR’s & Mistaking armament of the G-5 45 mm, Project 159 100 mm, Project 122 76 mm & the Project 161 45 mm.

I to have thought about this quite a lot an believe there needs to be severe reductions in requirements of these ships especially late in the TT’s when it basically becomes Bluewater+ as very few + 1000 tonne ships are coastal vessels.

I do truly wish the TT wasn’t split for then we wouldn’t have nearly half these issues yet no we’re stuck in this cluster [REDACTED] an it doesn’t help that these TT’s have a worse economy then the others ntm sinking a Rank I vessels doesn’t give a lot of gains compared to sinking a Rank V ship, Hm I wish we could research vice versa again maybe even only for rank V ships can do so or just a tag like tanks can for helis.

It’s funny OP has mentioned the JDS Asagao YTE-01 which is a post war LCS in JMSDF service, Anyway eons ago now that vessel in the USN TT was a Rank I for only 14k rp an yet now they’re both Rank V for 250k an while they still might be potent they’ve got the DM of wet paper.

What we need is for RP/SL reductions for both ships & mods along with the need for imho rank based economics to be gutted from these trees for the repairs make sweet [REDACTED] ALL sense especially for ships like the Project 50, Tacoma class (by the gods how I despise that ship), Type 12, Restigouche class, Project 2, Albatros class, Gabbiano class, Ikazuchi class, Isuzu class, Chikugo class, Dealey class, Chidori class & Hiburi class as most of these ships are either below or just above average.

Meanwhile Project 159, Ayanami class, Type 41, Köln class, Project 1331M should have higher repairs then the rest but not overly extreme, TBH the only extreme should be the Project 35 due to how easy it’s to get while being so devastating in the mode.

Similar ammunition costs are ridiculous for a tree with poor gains why are they stuck in 2018 ammunition costs for I can play certain machines while being first place with ten ships sunk & aircraft shot down but ohh I’ll not make any SL as the 6700 sl belts of a destroyer (YES A destroyer) negates all income for generally I’ll lose 20k sl each match (3× APHE, 1× HE-VT) since as soon as you fire a shell you lose SL, The soviets for the most part are free sailing as they’ve got sub 15 sl shells with only the Project 204 & Project 206-M being daft in that regard.

I’ll fight enemy ships that are varsity superior to my own daily which will make bank while being lower ranks an sometimes premium with zero ammo costs or repairs but I’ll lose half my gains or all to such limitations.

Add in the weaker DM’s too hah.

IMO most vessels should be under 80k rp with only a few going above that due to how powerful they’re, All repairs should honestly be sub 5k barring powerful warships of these TT’s an all ammunition costs should be abolished or the other tree should be forced to have similar.

It’s simply ridiculous in this current form as looking back if something was terrible it sometimes had a sub 1k repair (eg Town class 1940) while if it was devastating it was 20k (eg the cruiser Emden), The same was for smaller vessels a Fairmile D was 1k but a Type 141 was 20k, That sort of system should also return.

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I thought the same thing. I saw the classic chatgpt formatting.