CN Gazelle

The Gazelle’s loadout is not sufficient for 8.7 like its Z-11 Counterpart, seeing this is believe that it is best to either make the gazelle 8.3 or 8.0, or make the ATGMS stock. thank you for reading

Guess they simply forgot the chinese gazelle exists because its just been stuck at 8.7 for a long time. The gazelle might just be the worst helicopter in the game (though Z9W gets very close), even if it had stock ATGMs what’s the point when Z11 already has them.
Honestly you shouldn’t bother with chinese copters before you have Z9WA or OH58, the missiles are bad, and the rocket pods are terrible.

i have the Z9WA, i have an obsession with spading almost everything i touch (Literally), and the gazelle is a painstaking experience