Close air support and guided weaponry

At this point with guided munitions such as bombs and missiles that can be launched from literal space where most SPAA would not be able to target is just unfair
With high caliber guided bombs it just has to land in a general vicinity to kill you
I get that there has to be some new content every once in a while but in some games i play theres more planes in the air than tanks on the ground in GROUND battles

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BUT it has defenses, other planes. Anti-aircraft, and all that. it’s just the team picking up instead of quitting

I’m a bit confused which BRs this is referring to. Guided weaponry is mostly a top tier thing but there Pantsir and to a lesser extent ADATS and even the nerfed VT-1 SAMs make CAS gameplay very dangerous even with GBUs. I don’t usually see teams with more aircraft than tanks at that BR.

The times I see a top tier team really take a beating from CAS these days tend to be after they’ve already half collapsed, and the CAS becomes more of a “win harder” mechanic. Which is an issue to some extent but it’s not that game breaking.

Low to mid tier is a completely different matter of course, but obviously guided weapons aren’t the problem there either.

I am talking about 10.0-11.0 where the pantsir or ADATS isnt a thing


Ah that makes sense. I somehow forgot about 10.0 despite all the Su-25Ks flying around there…

Technically the Su-25s shouldn’t be that much of a problem when a number of nations have Roland systems that effectively hard counter them but these seem to be very underplayed, perhaps because a lot of players at that BR just have a premium and maybe a backup. Perhaps it would make sense to include something like a M163 VADS/ZSU-23-4/comparable system with 10.0+ premiums (or maybe give one to all players at that BR similar to the nuke mechanic or aircraft in Naval RB). That would at least increase the amount of players capable of spawning any SPAA at all and make CAS at the BR a bit more dangerous.

Of course this doesn’t do anything to faster aircraft like the F-5E or A-7s which can trivially avoid SPAA gunfire while firing Mavericks or Walleyes. Those particular planes also have the issue that Russia doesn’t really have an intermediate SAM between the Strela and the 2S6 (although the 2S6 has been nerfed enough that it arguably is that intermediate SPAA now)…


Also the SU-25K and other variants is such cancer that at one point in a match i was playing 4 out of 7 players were in it!

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