Clan recruitment

where did the clan recruitment section of the forums vanish too?

shameless bump?

Right here: Squadrons - War Thunder — official forum

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thank for the link

where did all my hard work go on the forum posts for recruitment

these new forums are difficult to navigate - no one is going to find that part of the forum

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Any chance of adding a “Looking for Squadron” section?

I dont think it’s planned. However I’ll ask and / or if we can make a tag for it.

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The posts that are already in there say otherwise. New layout, new format, everyone will need to adjust a little bit. That’s all.

Thank you for looking into it.

No separate section will be made. You can create a post in the Squadrons section and tag it with a looking for squad tag if you want it as such.

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That works! Thank you very much.

Thank you mod - appreciate the help

i still hate the new forums

Cheers guys.
Closing since answered.