CL-13B Mk.6

The CL-13B Mk.6 is at the same battle rating as the F-86F-40 despite the fact that the CL-13 has 520kg more thrust stock. In fact, the CL-13 has more engine power stock, than the F-86 gets total. Other than this they are identical, but the massive difference in power makes the CL-13 an infinitely better platform. There is no logic or reason as to why these are the same battle rating.


The battleratings in the 8.0-10.0 BR bracket have always been bizaare, and after the last BR update Gaijin seems determined in their desire to make it even worse. They took the most meta vehicles within the big three and moved them down, while their decidedly lesser brethern in the minor tech trees languished at their old BRs.

That whole BR bracket needs a massive going over, preferably with some decompression. At this point, just moving vehicles around by 0.3 BR isn’t going to solve anything, we need the problematic ones out of this bracket entirely.


There is more logic to have the CL-13B at the same br as the F-86F-40 than have the CL-13B be the same br as the F-104A, do you not see the absurdity of your argument? By all means, the CL-13B is superior and could be a higher br, but compared to how much difference there is between those two planes and any actual 9.3 plane it just isn’t worth arguing about when there are far more questionable things, which are all the result of br compression. What you’re saying is to move a plane that performance wise is not as far off to your own plane to a br where the planes at that br would have an even greater gap in performance to that plane you think should be moved.

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BRs for Korean War era jets just make no sense now. G91 Rs stayed at 8.7 but the meta 8.7s went down, while the F86F40 didn’t move at all from 9.0, now the same BR as what is arguably THE BEST subsonic fighter in the game.

The F-104A has been the issue all along, not the CL13B or the F86F40. It SHOULD have been moved up instead of some subsonics - but with these changes, the F40 should have been moved down as well.


I fail to see how that means the CL-13B should go down. If anything the starfighter needs to go up.

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I’m not saying the CL-13 should go down, it may shock you but what I am saying is exactly as you said, but ill rephrase it if that makes you feel better.

I do not think the CL-13B should go up, nor do I think it should go down in br (like serious I never suggested that idea), all I suggested it that the CL-13B not go up in br (given the current environment of the br around 9.3 right now), my reason being that as much as the CL-13B is more capable than the F-86F-40, the difference in performance between the CL-13B and actual 9.3 planes is a far greater gap in capabilities that would solve absolutely nothing (in regards to the post, it would make a difference for 8.0 planes which shouldn’t have to fight it) because while they would have different br’s for the differences in capabilities, it also guarantees the CL-13B which is a subsonic jet to go up against far more capable aircraft than it has any right to see. The real issue is the br compression around that area, which is also sorts of messed up, it makes zero sense to move up the CL-13B given the current state of the game between 9.0 to 10.0. I even stated that the CL-13B could go up br, the only reason I do not think it should go up in br is because moving it would not solve any major issue, as the real issue is br compression which if addressed would not only solve any issue with the CL-13B but it would solve the real issues at play that are not the CL-13B.

And as for me saying “There is more logic to have the CL-13B at the same br as the F-86F-40 than have the CL-13B be the same br as the F-104A”, that is me saying I don’t think the CL-13B should go up in br to 9.3, because you have planes like the F-104A also at 9.3 which by all accounts is stupid, especially when you compare performance differences between the F-86F-40 to the CL-13B and the CL-13B to the F-104A, the difference is far less between sabers.


the zone of maximum compression for Air RB has recently been extended from 9.0-10.3 to→8.3-10.3

I say instead of complaining get it while it’s good.
Like, the CL-13B has seen such hellish days that actually having it at 9.0 feels like a blessing lmao

I don’t know why Gaijin just doesn’t copy the Sim BR’s for the early Sabers and MiG’s to RB. They’re all pretty sorted.

because sim balances very differently

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It doesn’t work to balance things based on uptier/downtier. You just have to give the planes their correct BR, and accept the spread.

If people don’t like the upiers/downtiers,there’s always SimEC where you don’t have to worry about that.

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SIM EC is not air RB.