Churchill mk7

I’m getting constantly penned by rounds that have no right of penning me. Russian 57 and 85mm and then the 76mm. I don’t know what else to do as it’s not even rare as it’s every game I die to this bullshit. Can’t even angle as then they just shoot my roof and go right through or my turret cheek as hit the pixel that doesn’t have any armour value.

Is this a bug, gaijin fucking me over or a “feature” that I’m going to just have to accept….

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Hitting either track face on in the right spots allows shells to travel into the crew compartment, and usually having HE filler you don’t last long.

I wondered that myself so I took it off but then proceeded to die to another 85mm straight to the face so I’m not sure anymore. Bad enough out roof is a weak spot for most autocannon fire somehow.