Churchill AVRE

How on earth do you kill these with a T28??? I have put countless rounds down their barrel and still no kill? AP or HE makes not even a scratch, cant even track them. Any tips, because at the moment I’m just going to quit any match when I see one in the line up.

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Yeah, the tank needs to go higher in BR, maybe 3.0 but that means it will face 4.0 tanks, the AVRE is a pretty slow vehicle and it’s not completely undestructible, also it needs to get very close to the enemies to be able to shot and hopefuly not miss, because it’s also hard to aim and the reload doesn’t help.

This kind of vehicles just breaks the game when Gaijin tries to balance them, same as the Maus for example. You become invencible at lower BR’s aswell as useless on higher BR’s… Free food.

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Literally just shoot the barrel.

It is at a fine BR given the limitations of range, and how easy it is to kill if you just pay attention instead of expecting Russian rubbish to carry you to victory.

The rear part of the hull is 51mm. You should be able to pen there. The round in the barrel is also a oneshot if you hit it when they have a round loaded.

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So the answer to this question continues

Managed to kill 2 with direct shots to the ammunition in the barrel. Just played a game, 5 shots directly at ammo from literally PBR and nothing…

He probably wasnt reloaded. You can only ammo rack via the barrel if they are reloaded. Issue is that the visual model doesnt update to show this.