Churchill AVRE Petard crew placement

The loader and machine gunner were mixed up i think(can someone add a bug report pls)

That is correct, the gun is loaded via a hatch below the barrel, it isn’t a traditional breach loaded weapon.


Nice…so reload will be 14s thanks to this clip?

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Reload speed is a soft balance characteristic, its a developer decision how fast or slow it should be.

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Yeah… even tho with a vehicle with max range of 200m (at least i think) needing to wait what? 26s ehhh…but it is true that it is at 2.7. It will be a meme vehicle, nothing else XD

Oh ok that was quite intresting thanks for the facts

120mm on flat ground, around 200m when you put yourself on an incline but these shots are not very likely to hit, particular, if the target is moving.

It’s probably going to be okish camping some corners or positioning yourself at choke points or some caps.