Christmas sell question

Hi guys!

Some one know if every premium véhicule is discount on Christmas sell?

I can’t wait to grind the mirage and I don’t want to wait for nothing hahhh

Thx you a lot

Most premiums usually get sales.

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Thanks you a lot bro I can’t wait to fly the mirage 4K :p

You can buy the Mirage F1C. It’s a really good jet.

Oh mate thx for sharing your experience.

Can’t wait for grind! Please Gaijin open sell now!!! :P

Vehicles older then two updates go on sale.
Pack premiums were proven last sale to be hand picked and some could be left out though.

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Thx for answer mate and let’s hope for a mirage f1c-200

I hope I’m not gonna wait for nothing hehe, cause I can take the pack now

I picked up the F1C-200 in October. I’d imagine that it’ll go on sale again, since it isn’t a high volume selling item.

I wouldn’t get your hopes up for anything specific in the next sale. Gaijin premium pack/vehicle sales are unpredictable and usually make little sense as to what’s available for discount.

That’s what’s so annoying, I’d like to take advantage of my vacation to start farming now, I hope I’m not waiting for nothing. :S