Christmas sales, any chance to see the mirage F1C-2000 discount?

Hi everyone i hop you grinding good ! o/

During the Christmas sales, all premiums are 50% off?
I confess I don’t remember, and from what I see on the forum many people seem to be saying that Christmas sales aren’t great.

My goal is to buy the Mirage F1C-2000 premium, what do you think my chances are of seeing it at the next sales? :

İt will probably be on sale %50 , if you buy 2 vehicles at the same time

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Do you think there will be special offers on packs of vehicles and not on the vehicle alone?

Thanks you a lot for your answer mate

I think they will make it basically add more than 1 vehicle in your cart and get %50 discount for whatever old packs you choose

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do the sales start tomorrow?

I hope so hard mate haha, the event beging tomorrow so i think there is a lot of chance

Thank for answer mate o7


I found this and its not encouraging

We can only guess based on previous year 2022 (In-game) / 2022 (Store) -

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If I understand correctly, all the premiums were available for sale, just the promotions were adapted according to the number of premiums purchased.

I hope we’ll have something similar, good view, thanks!