Choppers blades need to modeled

Actually chopper are far too tanky. They eat solid shells like nothing happen. No shrapnel generated.
Blades got absolutely no physics, 15 apfsds in blades will do nothing, 30 20mm shells too.
Even if the shell kill the gunner, travel across the chopper next to the engine and through the rotors no schrapnels, no damage at all…

Modelizing blades will makes choppers bigger target and reduce killing gameplay of others vehicules.
Even with basic simple disc model with 90% of chance of touching at the place of the blades.

Example of pollution generated by choppers since 2019:

  • 9_2 rotation in SIM mixed battles.

Originaly in this event we got 70’s tanks with 50’s planes and 50’s 60’s AAA.
But because gaijin add blindly in it 80-90’s choppers.
It kill tank gameplay.
So gaijin add OP RADAR AAA, plus next RADAR AAA proxyfuse, 80’s 90’s AAA.
So what can do the 50’s in it who can only lauch bomb like in WWII? Easy answer just die at 3 km of the battlefield without getting any chance to spot any ground target (because the maps continue to swallow tanks at more than 2km even if Gaijin claim repairing it).