Chopper flight CAS

Hi this is just a summary of problems i identified while playing cas chopper.
First and foremost a disclaymer:
I play in Vr with hotas and pedals.
I only play dumbfire rockets.
Main Choppers: Oh58D, Ah6M ( but i have all american helis)

Lets begin:

I fly extremly low so I need to see objects to move around them. Like street lamps or fences. But often they don´t render. Its a long known problem Bruce Leroy mentioned it already and its mor or less the reason for 1/4 of my death. Sometimes some trees dont even render. So a fix for that would be extremly nice its a huge point for cas and low flying heli pilots.

Mgs and weapon stations on tanks:
I know there are weapon station which are operated from inside the tank and that is fine. But I think weapon stations which have to be maned should be maned like in some other tanks for example a panther the mg42. The tanker should decide if they want to take the risk to man the station and expose the operator to open fire or if they dont man the station. That gives cas players like me the chance to survive.

Damage model:
sometimes 2 or 3 mg 3 bullets hit my chopper like a 40mm he round and iam instantly out other times i eat a sabot arrow right through the middle of my heli and i don´t care. its pretty inconsisten and frustrating. it feels a bit like a gamble to me. I know it depends where he hits me but its nearly impossible to kill a ah64 with just 3 or 4 shots out of an mg3. Also the bullet proof glas of the cockpit from an ah64 is extremly inconsistent. your pilot gets shredded through the glas with an pkp. Well since that is the case just remove the weight of the glas from the chopper because its useless and the chopper just gets heavier for no benefit.

Spread of the Mgs and Damage:
Well Mgs don´t have any spread from my perspective. Would be nice if they would get some spray if you shoot at longer distances. Damage wise i don´t have any proof of my theory except for personal feeling but it feels like it doesnt matte if they hit me within 20 meters with their mgs or within a kilometer if thats the case i would suggest to fix that just for the realism.

Well just a little point sometimes your hydrolic pipes for the stearing gets hit and destroyed and thats fine but normaly choppers have backup systems for that so why are they not in warthunder ? another point is the copilot/gunner: normaly the copilot can fly the heli if the pilot is wounded or dead. why isnt that possible in warthunder. the copilot takes the controlls and you can´t use your laserdesignator and sights until you replaced the pilot. would be more realistic than dying instantly with a living copilot.

I would like to see some other weapon sets for the bo105 i know the bo could carry more weapons than in wt. its such a nice heli but for cas the weapons are useless. Or for the AH6M why are there no MK19 granade launcher. would be nice if they would add some more variations for the choppers.

Scout drones:
Cant understand why scoutdrones insta kills helis. For me personal its just a low skill play and questianable in rl

if you want to add something or discuss feel free but you should at least know what you are talking about and maybe write more than just: uhh no thats not true without any reason.


A little addition. It would be nice if the Ah6M would get the integrated helmet display.

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You want realism? You’ll get it there. MGs are not shotguns…

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i know how mgs works i use them in rl they are not a 100% accurate. i just wish that they implement spread over distance and thats a real thing so don´t know what you want me to tell. thats what i want so dont tell me they shoot without any spread at 1.2 km range

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I think we both know the same thing, I have been shooting with it since 1980.

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extremely valid points, great input. Huge on the manning Mg stations +

Great post!!

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think we can agree then about the accuracy over distance ^^


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Yes, exactly. You don’t have to make the MGs worse so that they have a greater spread, you just have to move them accordingly.

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dont know what you mean with that O.o

I believe he is agreeing on the fact that stations need to be manned by a crewman!

oh ok my bad in that case maybe it could be enough. Its a think i would like to test ^^

Sorry, I forgot that you want to make the things worse because you are shot at, not because you shoot with them.

By the way, on which tanks is the anti-aircraft gun manned by a gunner from the hatch? None so far, the gunner only counts for open tops. And yes, I would welcome it if the air defence MGs always had to be manned.
But of the Panthers, only the G has an MG 42, all the others have one or two MG 34s.

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first and foremost dude whats your problem. looks like you are a bit pissed. oh and well a short list of tanks with open maned guns :
M1 Abrams (left one on the turret and nope its not open top obviously) /same for m1a1
M1A2 (both mg are maned)
Wolfpack(browning m2 you have to open the hatch and look out of it to shoot the browning m2)
Losat(top mg is maned)
Tam(you have to man the mg on top)
Leo 2A4 the mg on top is maned
Leo 2A5 same as 2A4
leo 2a7 same as 2a4

I stop here because i think i delivered enough proof for my point

all those are tanks with mgs you have to man. so you have to open the hatch and man them to use them and thats the point i would like to see that you really have to man them. i mean i just would like to see that you as a tank commander have the choice to either man them and take the risk that those ´crew members are killed or close the hatches but if you do that you can´t use the mg because no one is there to use it.
also you don´t win anything by just ranting about me dude be fair and discuss like a normal guy.
also i don´t care which panther has which mg. its about the point i make iam not here to discuss vehicle details

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The Panther G has no MG 42

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Sorry, F.

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In which mode, not in RB?

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what dude it should be maned

thats the whole point they should be maned nothing else acutally they arent maned and i just wish they would be maned ^^

As I said before, I’m on your side.

And yes, I would welcome it if the air defence MGs always had to be manned.