Choose Premium account days

Hi everyone! I recently have had an idea that I’d like to ask the community about. As the title suggests, it’s the ability to choose what days to use your premium account time. I have thought of a few ways to implement it and am glad to make a suggestion after some thoughts from the community.

So, you might ask “why would you want this?” Well, there’s a couple dozen reasons. A few are power outages, long workdays, school, ECT. Anyways, I got the idea when my area lost power for a few days and I lost 2 days of premium account time that I won’t get back.

1: Choose the day, day by day.
This way you could choose what day you want to use your premium account. Let’s say you have 7 days of premium account but you can only play 3 days of it. You end up loosing the majority of that time. But if you could choose if you want to use premium account one day but not another, you won’t loose as much time. This would also help for things like random power outages that you can’t control and screw you out of premium account time.

2: Automatically use premium account on certain days
So this way you can make it so that your premium account will only activate on certain days. Let’s say you have 30 days of premium account but can only play on the weekends so you end up loosing most of the time. But if you could set it so that it automatically uses your premium account time just on the weekends you won’t loose nearly as much time.

3: Use premium account all at once, but when you want
So basically what this allows is you can use all your premium account but it starts when you want it to. For example if you buy a pack, but don’t have time to play right away when you buy it you’ll lose all you premium account time. This way you could use the premium account when you have time. If you have 7 days of premium account but can’t use it when you get it (talking about a pack) you can start the 7 days later when you have time.

I would love any feedback from the community on this idea. If I find that there is overwhelming support or licking for it I’ll make a suggestion, but right now I just want to start a discussion on it. Please comment any other ideas you have or think something should be added/subtracted from my ideas. Thanks!


Similarly to being able to apply boosters to finished games to maximize rewards it’s not something Gaijin will allow as it’s too beneficial to the player.

World of Tanks uses a system that does this with a massively restricted reward if the game is a loss and much reduced awards without having premium at all. I prefer the current system which is fair to F2P players and provides ample rewards for Premium players.

Uuuuh? Oranges and apples.

I think it’s a good idea to generate more premium accounts as nobody risks to lose money this way.

Gaijin encourages you to bulk buy premium days at a heavy discount so you spend the most money possible. They want you to waste premium time so that you’re encouraged to buy more premium time when it runs out.

There are plenty of players who don’t have a lot of money and even at sales time have to think carefully about whether they can spend money on it. The consideration of whether they can make full use of the time can play a major role.

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That’s true.
Thanks for your thoughts!

Hi, I’m not saying we need to generate more premium accounts, just have something in place to not loose as much time of them.

But thanks for your feedback!

Of course, that’s not our job, but I think it would be a good argument to convince Gaijin.

While this is true I do not see Gaijin implementing this without offloading burden on to F2P players. I would rather the current status quo.

Yes, I knew it was a long shot of an idea, but figured I might as well as the community what they thought of it :)

Well, if we can think of a way to do this, I could include it in the OP and we’ll have something for free to play and pay to play players :)

What do you mean?

I do not believe Gaijin will implement further economy changes which solely benefit the player. Instead any positive increase must see negative increase in other factors.

Faced with this, I prefer the current economy status as it is right now ingame. Research for ground is still slow compared to other trees but SL income is extremely fair and if you play well repeatedly you can effectively grind.

Pardon? What burden do F2Ps carry and why should it become even greater?

Can you elaborate on this?

Ahhh okay. That makes sense

He did in a comment responding to my same question lol.

“Why should I buy premium time when I can play the game for free”

Time of grind, cost of repair

After last year’s economy change the second of these was mostly removed. You get accelerated gains but you can certainly sustain SL through regular play.

Time of grind has been changed moderately with the reduction of RP cost of foldered vehicles, the removal of end of line modifiers to modification RP, and the introduction of the “skill reward” mechanic. It’s still “slow” for Ground RB but it is much less than it used to be. It is massively increased for Air RB, which already saw greatly increased rewards compared to ground.

I do not believe it should. I do not believe Gaijin is willing to introduce more positive economic benefits without pulling on these levers to the negative benefit of F2P players.

Premium time should only run when you are running the game 💁🏻‍♀️

( of course it will never gonna be implemented )


I don’t think they even care about people who don’t pay, after all, this is not a non-profit organisation that lives on air and love, generates advertising revenue or does merchandising on a significant scale.

That’s smart. I should have thought of that. Really wish it would happen! Thanks for your thoughts!

As unlikely as it is to actually be added, I fully support this being added. I’d love to see this.