Choose bots in Custom Battles

When creating a custom battle and indicating you want to include AI-controlled vehicles (bots), is there a way to customize the vehicle types for the bots? I assumed that when you limit the BR for the battle that the bots would also restrict to that BR, but that’s not what I’m finding. For example, if I design a battle to pit U.S. and German aircraft against each other, with a BR range of 4.3-5.0, I get German bots spawning that include HE112s. That’s a rank 1 aircraft. On the US side, I get Wildcats spawning. I want to design a custom battle that uses legitimate planes for historically accurate match ups. So I want to control the types of bots that spawn so that it’s not so jarring. Hunting HE 112s in a P-51 is just stupid, and so is having bot wingmates that are Wildcats while in the European theater. :/

Trying to create some semblance of realism/role playing in a War Thunder game mode.

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There is currently no way of doing this (Outside of the mission editor in test flight), however it is one thing that I hope gets added soon.

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Well that’s unfortunate. Yes I hope they add it. The AI in custom battles is more aggressive and slightly more intelligent than in test flight, at least if I’m remembering modes correctly.

Dynamic Campaign is the closest thing to actual realistic scenarios I can find. Historical Campaigns is good but just needs a lot more options. And I wish there was a realistic tank mode. That’s what I like about custom battles…if there was more options to pick your vehicles.

I do agree with you on this

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