Chinses vehicles need to be treated better

In today’s forum there are many bugs that found out by the players, but lot of the heat is caused by the Chinese vehicles. Some times Gaijin said that there are not bugs, some times Gaijin admit is a bug and some times Gaijin doesn’t pay too much attention on it.

Like the reloading time of ZTZ-99A, in the game is 7.1s, but in the documentary that filmed by China shows that ZTZ-99A has 6.5s reloading time. Just like VT-4A‘s manual said it had 6.66s reloading time(which is not a leak, is a fact that evveryone knows). The modeling, armor and penetration of ZTZ-99A has bugs too. And many other Chinese vehicles have many bugs too.

I have played this game for thousands of hours, and I want this game be come better. At first I join this game because of its realistic, but by the time goes all the data in the game made me feel not realistic. Gaijin said it is the consider of balance. We don’t need to much vehicles, we need Gaijin to fix the bugs and make the vehicles more realistic, not to make it more balance.


Give them the same amount of attention the game developers give to them. If they ignore obvious issues with them and so blatantly copy paste items they don’t even have the right language on things that were made wholly in china, then you should respect their lack of effort on caring for tree by just not playing it.