Chinese ZBD04A - Digital Camouflage

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This Camouflage gets used by the PLA in field trials, exercises and parades,
and is very widely and often used.

Especially on this Caps/Pictures it got used on the ZBD04A in Live Exercises and Exhibitions/Parades, which i want suggest as an acctual ingame Version for.

Its very popular and could be an great addition to the game and could
expand Chinas Sortiment of realistic Camouflages.

For the requirements to achieve this Camouflage i would suggest copying the requirements of the ZTZ99A’s Version, since the Tank already has this Digital Pattern.

(The Colours would be also the same and could be copied over from the ZTZ99A)

China Victory Day Parade, September 3, 2015

Exhibition of the 90th Anniversary of Chinese PLA, Beijing, August 1, 2017

Gunnery Training Exercise, May 13, 2019 (PLA 72nd Group Army)

Live-Fire Training Exercise, June 15, 2020 (PLA 72nd Group Army)

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+1,add to all modern China vehicles

I love the Chinese digital camouflage, especially the Marine blue one. +1!

+1, really need this , add to all China vehicles