Chinese vehicles

Why dont u fix Chinese tanks they got weakest armor slowest autorld and ammo is bugged cant kill even i said even if just anfair to the resto of armor and ammo penetration


I tank a lot of shots with the ZTZ tbh

Isn’t 5 secs the default for most top tier autoloaders?

Skill issue

Which ZTZ??? 7.1 sec RLD! BUG ammo 11.7 we r talking about here…


oh yeah I got it wrong, 7.1 sec reload

11.7 Tanks

The ariete, leclerc, and Type-10 all have worse armour.
Merkava has a worse reload
Their shells are pretty standard
Idk what ur on about their not the best but far from the worst

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The problem stands in the lack of reality in armour, the armour of ZTZ99a is so unrealistic. Also, the autoloader is just a bomb in the tank, it just detonates as soon as your large and weak lower glacis gets hit. The gun breech weak spot is huge with insane spalling. It needs fixing just like the Leclerc, but Type 10 is fine, 4 second reload is like twice of 7.1. Ariete wise, can’t fix, either lower BR or give them back the speed.

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