Chinese spaa, pgz09 and pgz04 should switch places

this is mainly about eh pgz04 and pgz09, the pgz09 should be ahead of the pgz04 not the other way around, currently the pgz04 sits above the pgz09 which shouldnt be right, the pgz09 is better is almost everyway, better guns, better speed by a long shot (pgz09 with 800hp at 2200 and pgz04 with 349 at 2500), pgz09 can actually detect drones which pgz04 cannot, pgz09 has commander override which again pgz04 does not have, and pgz09 has a faster turret traverse then it at 63.0 degrees a second compared to 57.0
The only thing pgz04 has over pgz09 is able to track scout drones, has the HN-6’s and -3 more degrees of depression and more fire density with 4 guns (although each gun has 258 rounds compared to the pgz09’s 2 guns carrying 220 rounds and 20 extra apds rounds which is another reason why pgz09 is better since it has anti tank capabilities)
so my suggestion is, remove the pgz04’s HN-6’s and give it to the pgz09 and make them switch places
open to suggestions