Chinese PT-76 stuck in accelerated research window - make it available for people who started research

(I am aware this post is in the wrong section- I cannot figure out how to navigate the new forum layout)

While I believe swapping the lackluster PT-76 in the Chinese techtree for the Object 211 was a good idea, the way in which it was removed was- in a singular word- terrible.

Because of the way the change was made, I am now left with the PT-76 in the convertible research window, but am entirely unable to do anything with it.


Look at that, no tank.

But here it is, unable to be researched- sitting there permanently with no way to acquire it.

Making the vehicle visible for research and purchase again for those who had started research progress would allow people to clear this window of their own accord without needing individual intervention from staff- this is how it was handled for the 10,5cm Tiger II, Panther II, and Coelian/Flakpanzer 341. Why change it now?

Selecting the vehicle lands you in a permanent “Processing Operation” loop, softlocking the game until you alt+f4.

Personally, I would prefer to be able to acquire a vehicle I had started working on, even if it was only a small amount of progress.